Flavor violation and warped geometry

Huber, Stephan J (2003) Flavor violation and warped geometry. Nuclear Physics B, 666 (1-2). pp. 269-288. ISSN 0550-3213

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Extra dimensions have interesting consequences for flavor physics. We consider a setup where the standard model fermions and gauge fields reside in the bulk of a warped extra dimension. Fermion masses and mixings are explained by flavor dependent fermion locations, without relying on hierarchical Yukawa couplings. We discuss various flavor violating processes induced by (Kaluza-Klein) gauge boson exchange and non-renormalizable operators. Experimental constraints are satisfied with a Kaluza-Klein scale of about 10 TeV Some processes, such as muon-electron conversion, are within reach of next generation experiments.

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Additional Information: The paper demonstrates that warped geometry automatically suppresses flavor violation from Kaluza-Klein gauge boson exchange. This is a key ingredient to make warped versions of the standard model experimentally viable. Via dualities this might help to construct 4-dimensional models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking. It has over 50 citations.
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