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Thorne, Jacob Aaron (2018) Electric field optimisation for cryogenic nEDM experiments. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Abel, C, Ayres, N, Ban, G, Bison, G, Bodek, K, Bondar, V, Chanel, E, Griffith, W, Harris, P, Thorne, J and Others, (2018) The n2EDM experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute. PPNS 2018 - International Workshop on Particle Physics at Neutron, Grenoble, France, 23-26 May 2018. Published in: Proceedings of PPNS 2018. EDP Sciences (Accepted)

Afach, S, Ayres, N J, Baker, C A, Ban, G, Bison, G, Bodek, K, Fertl, M, Franke, B, Geltenbort, P, Green, K, Griffith, W C, van der Grinten, M, Grujić, Z D, Harris, P G, Heil, W, Hélaine, V, Iaydjiev, P, Ivanov, S N, Kasprzak, M, Kermaidic, Y, Kirch, K, Koch, H-C, Komposch, S, Kozela, A, Krempel, J, Lauss, B, Lefort, T, Lemière, Y, Musgrave, M, Naviliat-Cuncic, O, Pendlebury, J M, Piegsa, F M, Pignol, G, Plonka-Spehr, C, Prashanth, P N, Quéméner, G, Rawlik, M, Rebreyend, D, Ries, D, Roccia, S, Rozpedzik, D, Schmidt-Wellenburg, P, Severijns, N, Shiers, D, Thorne, J, Weis, A, Wursten, E, Zejma, J, Zenner, J and Zsigmond, G (2015) Gravitational depolarization of ultracold neutrons: comparison with data. Physical Review D, 92 (5). 052008. ISSN 1550-7998

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