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Smith, Lincoln, Philippides, Andrew, Graham, Paul, Baddeley, Bart and Husbands, Philip (2007) Linked local navigation for visual route guidance. Adaptive Behavior, 15 (3). pp. 257-271. ISSN 1059-7123

Luckin, Rosemary, du Boulay, Benedict, Smith, Hilary, Underwood, Joshua, Fitzpatrick, Geraldine, Holmberg, Joseph, Kerawalla, Lucinda, Tunley, Hilary, Brewster, Diane and Pearce, Darren (2005) Using mobile technology to create flexible learning contexts. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2005 (22). ISSN 1365-893X

Quinn, Matt, Smith, Lincoln, Mayley, Giles and Husbands, Phil (2003) Evolving controllers for a homogeneous system of physical robots: Structured cooperation with minimal sensors. Philosophical Transactions A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 361 (1811). pp. 2321-2343. ISSN 1471-2962

Rogers, Yvonne, Scaife, Mike, Gabrielli, Silvia, Smith, Hilary and Harris, Eric (2002) A conceptual framework for mixed reality environments: Designing novel learning activities for young children. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 11 (6). pp. 677-686. ISSN 1054-7460

Book Section

Smith, Hilary, Underwood, Joshua, Fitzpatrick, Geraldine, Luckin, Rose and Fraser Stanton, Danae (2006) Identifying Tools to Support Schools' Collaborative Teaching and Learning. In: E-Science, Second IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing. IEEE Computer Society, p140. ISBN 0769527345

Stanton Fraser, Danae, Smith, Hilary, Tallyn, Ella, Kirk, Dave, Benford, Steve, Rowland, Duncan, Paxton, Mark, Price, Sara and Fitzpatrick, Geraldine (2005) The SENSE project: a context-inclusive approach to studying environmental science within and across schools. In: Computer Support for Collaborative Learning: Proceedings of th 2005 conference on Computer support for collaborative learning: learning 2005: the next 10 years! International Society of the Learning Sciences, pp. 155-159. ISBN 0-8058-5782-6

Rogers, Yvonne, Price, Sara, Fitzpatrick, Geraldine, Fleck, Rowanne, Harris, Eric, Smith, Hilary, Randell, Cliff, Muller, Henk, O'Malley, Claire, Stanton, Danae, Thompson, Mark and Weal, Mark (2004) Ambient Wood: Designing new forms of digital augmentation for learning outdoors. In: IDC '04: Proceeding of the 2004 conference on Interaction design and children. ACM Press, New York, USA, pp. 3-10. ISBN 9781581137910

Smith, Hilary, Fitzpatrick, Geraldine and Rogers, Yvonne (2004) Eliciting reactive and reflective feedback for a social communication tool: a multi-session approach. In: Proceedings of the 2004 conference on Designing interactive systems: processes, practices, methods, and techniques. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, pp. 39-48.

Smith, Hilary, Rogers, Yvonne and Brady, Mark (2003) Managing one's social network: Does age make a difference? In: Rauterberg, Matthias, Menozzi, Marino and Wesson, Janet (eds.) Human Computer Interaction - INTERACT '03. IOS Press, pp. 551-558. ISBN 9781586033637

Smith, Hilary, Rogers, Yvonne and Underwood, Mia (2003) Managing personal and work email in the same box: Overcoming the tensions through new metaphors. In: Proceedings of the Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics. University of California, Irvine, CA.

Brady, Mark, DiDuca, Debbie and Smith, Hilary (2003) A novel life cycle of collaborative methods for the design of social software. In: Haddon, L (ed.) Proceedings The Good, the Bad and the Irrelevant. University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 336-340. ISBN 9789515581259

Green, J, Schnadelbach, H, Koleva, B, Benford, Steve, Pridmore, T, Medina, Karen, Harris, Eric and Smith, Hilary (2002) Camping in the digital wilderness: Tents and flashlights as interfaces to virtual worlds. In: CHI '02: CHI '02 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems. ACM Press, New York, pp. 780-781. ISBN 9781581134544

Rogers, Yvonne, Scaife, Mike, Harris, Eric, Phelps, Ted, Price, Sara, Smith, Hilary, Muller, Henk, Randell, Cliff, Moss, Andrew, Taylor, Ian, Stanton, Danae, O'Malley, Claire, Corke, Greta and Gabrielli, Silvia (2002) Things aren't what they seem to be: Innovation through technology inspiration. In: Proceedings of the Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, 2002., Serious reflection on designing interactive systems., DIS 2002. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, pp. 373-378. ISBN 9781581135152

Gabrielli, Silvia, Harris, Eric, Rogers, Yvonne, Scaife, Mike and Smith, Hilary (2001) How many ways can you mix colour? Young children's explorations of mixed reality environments. In: Boehm, C., Garcia, D. and Schuter, H. (eds.) Proceedings of the International Conference for Content Integrated Research in Creative User Systems. CIRCUS 2001 . University of Glasgow, Glasgow. ISBN 9780852617465

Conference or Workshop Item

Smith, Lincoln, Philippides, Andrew, Graham, Paul and Husbands, Phil (2008) Linked Local Visual Navigation and Robustness to Motor Noise and Route Displacement. In: 10th international conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior: From Animals to Animats.

Smith, Lincoln, Philippides, Andrew and Husbands, Phil (2006) Navigation in Large-scale Environments Using an Augmented Model of Visual Homing. In: Proceedings Animals to Animats IX.

Quinn, Matt, Smith, Lincoln, Mayley, Giles and Husbands, Phil (2002) Evolving Team Behaviour for Real Robots. In: Proceedings Artificial Life VIII.

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