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Thomson, James (2008) The Spanish trade in American cotton: Atlantic synergies in the age of enlightenment. Revista de Historia Económica, 26 (2). pp. 277-313. ISSN 0212-6109

Thomson, James K J (2008) La política del algodón en la España del siglo XVIII [The politics of cotton in 18th century Spain]. Revista de Historia Industrial, 36. pp. 15-44. ISSN 1132-7200

Thomson, James K J (2005) Explaining the 'take-off' of the Catalan cotton industry. Economic History Review, 58 (4). pp. 701-735. ISSN 0013-0177

Thomson, James K J (2003) Olot, Barcelona and Ávila and the introduction of the Arkwright technology to Catalonia. Revista de Historia Económica, 21 (2). pp. 297-334. ISSN 0212-6109

Thomson, James (2003) Transferencia tecnológica en la industria algodonera catalana: de las indianas a la selfactina. Revista de Historia Industrial, 24. pp. 13-50. ISSN 1132-7200

Thomson, James (2003) Transferring the spinning Jenny to Barcelona: an apprenticeship in the technology of the industrial revolution. Textile History, 34 (1). pp. 21-46. ISSN 0040-4969

Thomson, James (2001) La introducciò de les máquines jenny a Barcelona (1784-1789): les primeres etapes en la creació d'una tradició de construcció de maquinària. Recerques: Història, Economia, Cultura, 42. pp. 125-46. ISSN 0210-380X

Book Section

Thomson, James K J (2012) Consideracions sobre la industria cotonera i la seva evolucio a Barcelona, 1730-1840. In: Sanchez, Alex (ed.) La industria de les indianes a Barcelona, 1730-1850. Seminari d'Historia de Barcelona, Barcelona Quaderns de Historia (17). Ajuntament de Barcelona, Barcelona, pp. 317-330. ISBN 1135-3058

Thomson, James (2011) Invention in the industrial revolution: the case of cotton. In: de la Escosura, Leandro Prados (ed.) Exceptionalism and industrialisation: Britain and its European rivals, 1688-1815. Cambridge University Press, pp. 127-144. ISBN 9780521189699

Thomson, James (2009) 'L'estat de la recerca sobre els inicis de la industrialització a Catalunya'. In: Societat, C (ed.) Aportacions a la recerca i al debat en economia a Catalunya. Jornada Acadèmica i Commemorativa de la Societat Catalana d¿Economia. Anglofort SA. ISBN 9788492583423

Thomson, James (2004) Technological transfer to the Catalan cotton industry: From calico printing to the self-acting mule. In: Farnie, Douglas A and Jeremy, David J (eds.) The fiber that changed the world. The cotton industry in international perspective, 1600-1990s. Oxford University Press/Pasold Research Fund. ISBN 9780199255665

Thomson, James (1996) Proto-industrialization in Spain. In: Ogilvie, Sheilagh C and Cerman, Markus (eds.) European proto-industrialization: an introductory handbook. Cambridge University Press, pp. 85-101. ISBN 9780521497602

Thomson, James (1996) Marketing channels and structures in Spain in the first half of the eighteenth century: two contrasting cases. In: Bottin, J and Pellegrin, N (eds.) Echanges et cultures textiles dand l'Europe pre-industrielle. Revue du Nord, pp. 335-357.


Thomson, James (1998) Decline in history: the European experience. Polity Press, 225pp. ISBN 9780745614250

Thomson, James (1994) Els origens de la industrializacio en Catalunya: el coto en Barcelona 1728 - 1832. Edicions 62 Barcelona, 412pp. ISBN 84-297-3803-7

Thomson, J K J (1992) A distinctive industrialization: cotton in Barcelona, 1728-1832. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521394826

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