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Siebrecht, Claudia (2012) The image of the soldier: portrayals and concepts of martial masculinity from the Wars of Liberation to the First World War in Germany. Journal of War and Culture Studies, 5 (3). p. 261. ISSN 1752-6272

Siebrecht, Claudia (2011) Imagining the absent dead: rituals of bereavement and the place of the war dead in German women's art during the First World War. German History, 29 (2). pp. 202-223. ISSN 0266-3554

Siebrecht, Claudia (2010) Identity, mortality and memory of the self: German soldiers' self-portraits during the First World War. Textuel (Paris), Special Issue De La Guerre dans l'Art, de l'Art dans la Guerre. pp. 205-216.

Book Section

Siebrecht, Claudia (2018) Seeing the 'savage' and the suspension of time: Photography, war and concentration camps in South West Africa, 1904-1908. In: Evans, Jennifer, Betts, Paul and Hoffmann, Stefan-Ludwig (eds.) The Ethics of Seeing: Photography and Twentieth-Century German History. Berghahn Books, New York, Oxford, pp. 37-56. ISBN 9781785337284

Barron, Hester and Siebrecht, Claudia (2017) Introduction: raising the nation. In: Parenting and the State in Britain and Europe, c. 1870-1950. Raising the Nation. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, pp. 1-23. ISBN 9783319340838

Siebrecht, Claudia (2017) 'I looked after the state, but the state is not looking after me': parenting and the population crisis in First World War Germany. In: Barron, Hester and Siebrecht, Claudia (eds.) Parenting and the state in Britain and Europe, c. 1870-1950: raising the nation. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 115-135. ISBN 9783319340838

Siebrecht, Claudia (2014) The female mourner: gender and the moral economy of grief during the First World War. In: Hämmerle, Christa, Überegger, Oswald and Bader-Zaar, Birgitta (eds.) War in a gender context. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 144-162. ISBN 9781137302199

Siebrecht, Claudia (2013) Sacrifice defeated: the Armistice and depictions of victimhood in German women's art, 1918-1924. In: Tate, Trudi and Kennedy, Kate (eds.) The silent morning: culture and memory after the Armistice. Cultural history of modern war . Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 235-262. ISBN 9780719090028

Siebrecht, Claudia (2013) Formen von Unfreiheit, Extreme der Gewalt: Die Konzentrationslager in Deutsch-Sϋdwestafrika 1904-1908. In: Greiner, Bettina and Kramer, Alan (eds.) Welt der Lager: zur 'Erfolgsgeschichte' einer Institution. Hamburger Edition, Hamburg, pp. 87-109. ISBN 9783868542677

Siebrecht, Claudia (2008) The Mater Dolorosa on the battlefield: Mourning mothers in German women's art of the First World War. In: Jones, Heather, O'Brien, Jennifer and Schmidt-Supprian, Christoph (eds.) Untold war: New perspectives in First World War studies. History of Warfare (49). Brill, pp. 259-291. ISBN 9789004166592

Siebrecht, Claudia (2007) Martial spirit and mobilisation myths: bourgeois women in Germany and their 'ideas of 1914'. In: Fell, Alison S and Sharp, Ingrid (eds.) The Women's Movement in Wartime. International Perspectives, 1914-1919. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 38-52. ISBN 9780230019669


Siebrecht, Claudia (2013) The aesthetics of loss: German women's art of the First World War. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199656684

Edited Book

Barron, Hester and Siebrecht, Claudia, eds. (2017) Parenting and the state in Britain and Europe, c. 1870-1950: raising the nation. Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 9783319340838

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