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Becher, Roy (1999) Quality in the professions. Studies in Higher Education, 24 (2). pp. 225-235. ISSN 0307-5079

Becher, Roy (1999) Universities and Mid-Career Professionals: The Policy Potential. Higher Education Quarterly, 53 (2). pp. 156-172. ISSN 0951-5224

Becher, Tony (1999) Professional Practices: commitment and capability in a changing environment. Transaction Publishers New Brunswick & London, New Jesrsey, 281pp. ISBN 9781560004141

Bliss, Joan, Ogborn, Jon and Cronin, Orla (1999) Emprical abstraction and imaginative denial of rules. In: Learning sites : social and technological resources for learning / edited by Joan Bliss, Roger Säljö, and Paul Light. Pergamon, pp. 132-143. ISBN 0-08-043350-2

Bliss, Joan, Säljö, Roger and Light, Paul (1999) Learning Sites: social & technological resources for learning. Elsevier Press Oxford., 312pp. ISBN 0-08-043350-2


Dunne, Mairead (1999) Positioned neutrality: mathematics teachers and the cultural politics of their classrooms. Educational Review, 51 (2). 117 - 128. ISSN 0013-1911

Dunne, Mairead (1999) The construction of ability: a critical exploration of mathematics teachers' accounts. Collected Original Resources in Education, 23 (1). ISSN 0308-6909


Eraut, Michael (1999) Headteachers' knowledge practice and mode of cognition. In: Bush, Tony, Bell, Les, Bolam, Jane, Glatter, Ron and Ribbins, Peter M (eds.) Educational Management: Redefining Theory, Policy and Practice. Sage Publications, London, 114 - 126. ISBN 978-0761965558

Eraut, Michael R (1999) Headteachers' knowledge, practice and mode of cognition. In: Bush, T, Bell, L, Bolam, R, Glatter, R and Ribbins, P (eds.) Educational management: redefining theory policy and practice. Chapman, 114 - 126. ISBN 9780761965558


Fielding, Michael (1999) Communities of learners: myth - schools are communities. In: O'Hagan, Bob (ed.) Modern Educational Myths: The Future of Democratic Comprehensive Education. Kogan Page, London, pp. 67-87. ISBN 9780749429324

Fielding, Michael (1999) Radical collegiality: Affirming teaching as an inclusive professional practice. Australian Educational Researcher, 26 (2). pp. 1-34. ISSN 0311-6999

Fielding, Michael (1999) Target Setting, Policy Pathology and Student Perspectives: learning to labour in new times. Cambridge Journal of Education, 29 (2). 277 - 287. ISSN 0305-764X


Griffiths, Vivienne and Jacklin, Angela (1999) OFSTED the Teacher Training Agency and initial teacher education: a case study. In: Unset An Inspector Calls. Ofsted and its effect on school standards. Kogan Page London. C. Cullingford (ed), 188 - 206. ISBN 0-7494-3053-2

Griffiths, Vivienne and Jacklin, Angela (1999) The training of primary teachers: changing contexts and teacher perspectives. In: Unset, University of Sussex.


Kunje, Demis and Stuart, Janet (1999) Supporting untrained teachers in Malawi. International Journal of Educational Development, 19. pp. 157-166. ISSN 0738-0593


Lacey, Colin, Jacklin, Angela and Leste, André (1999) Training teachers for a small island system: short-term and long-term outcomes. International Journal of Educational Development, 19 (2). 167 - 179. ISSN 07380593

Leach, Fiona (1999) Dilemmas between economics and culture in educational aid: lessons for donors. In: Leach, Fiona E and Little, Angela W (eds.) Education, Cultures, and Economics: Dilemmas for Development. Reference Books in International Education (48). Routledge, London & NY, pp. 371-394. ISBN 9780815327837

Lewin, Keith (1999) The cost of culture: some dilemmas for educational investment in Mauritius. In: Leach, Fiona E and Little, Angela W (eds.) Education, Cultures, and Economics: Dilemmas for Development. Routledge, New York and London, pp. 159-182. ISBN 978-0815327837


McLaughlin, Colleen (1999) Children as teachers - listening to children in education. In: Milner, Pat and Carolin, Birgit (eds.) Time to listen to children : personal and professional communication. Routledge, London; New York, pp. 97-112. ISBN 9780203190838 (electronic bk.)

McLaughlin, Colleen (1999) Counselling in schools: looking back and looking forward. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 27 (1). pp. 13-22. ISSN 0306-9885


Ogborn, Jon (1999) Modeling clay for thinking and learning. In: Feurzeig, Wallace and Roberts, Nancy (eds.) Modeling and Simulation in Science and Mathematics Education. Springer, New York, pp. 5-37. ISBN 0-387-98316-3


Passey, D, Forsyth, K, Scott, A and Steadman, Stephen (1999) Anytime Anywhere Learning Pilot Programme. Evaluation summary report. Project Report. Microsoft / Lancaster University Lancaster.

Pateman, Trevor (1999) Psychoanalysis and Socratic Education. In: Appel, Stephen (ed.) Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy. Critical Studies in Education & Culture . Praeger Publishers, pp. 45-51. ISBN 978-0897895026

Pridmore, Pat and Stephens, David (1999) Children as Partners in Health: a critical review of the Child-to-Child approach. Zed Press London, 250pp. ISBN 185649635x

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