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Adu-Yeboah, Christine (2011) Constructing higher education experiences through narratives: selected cases of mature undergraduate women students in Ghana. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Akaguri, Luke Adorbila (2011) Household choice of schools in rural Ghana: exploring the contribution and limits of low-fee private schools to Education for All. Doctoral thesis , University of Sussex.

Akyeampong, Albert (2011) [Review] Birger Fredriksen and Jee-Peng Tan, ed. (2008) An African exploration of the East Asian education experience. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31 (3). pp. 361-363. ISSN 0218-8791

Akyeampong, Kwame, Pryor, John, Westbrook, Jo and Lussier, Kattie (2011) Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Development in Africa: Learning To Teach Early Reading and Maths. Project Report. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Amua-Sekyi, Ekua Tekyiwa (2011) Developing criticality in the context of mass higher education: investigating literacy practices on undergraduate courses in Ghanaian universities. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Ananga, Eric Daniel (2011) The drop out experience of basic school children in rural Ghana: implications for universal basic education policy. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Asante, Edward Kwame (2011) Teacher professional learning in mentoring relationships: lessons from a Cooperative-Reflective model in Ghana. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Attia, Mariam (2011) Reflective practice in research undertaken multilingually. In: BAAL, 1-3 September 2011, Bristol, UK.

Attia, Mariam (2011) A window into the relationship between teacher cognition and technology. In: EUROCALL 2011, 31 August - 3 September 2011, University of Nottingham, UK.

Aynsley, Sarah, Rickinson, Mark, Shepherd, Jacqui, Owen, Jocelyn and Brooks, Greg (2011) Evaluation of the Skills for Life at Work Project: final report. Project Report. University of Sussex with the CfBT Education Trust.

Aynsley, Sarah and Shepherd, Jacqui (2011) In the right place at the right time? An evaluation of learners' experience of Skills for Life at Work. RaPAL Journal, 75 (Autumn). pp. 17-21. ISSN 0269-8854


Bakker, Arthur, Kent, Phillip, Hoyles, Celia and Noss, Richard (2011) Designing for communication at work: A case for technology-enhanced boundary objects. International Journal of Educational Research, 50 (1). pp. 26-32. ISSN 0883-0355

Bandyopadhyay, Madhumita, Das, Debanjana and Zeitlyn, Benjamin (2011) Absenteeism, Repetition and Silent Exclusion in India. Unset. Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity, University of Sussex.

Beadle, Ian William (2011) The use of psychometric and other assessment centre measures in predicting performance on a naval command course. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Bennett, Judith, Hampden-Thompson, Gillian and Lubben, Fred (2011) Schools that make a difference to post-compulsory uptake of science: final project report to the Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust. Technical Report. University of York, Department of Education.

Boaler, Jo, Altendorff, Lori and Kent, Geoff (2011) Mathematics and science inequalities in the United Kingdom: when elitism, sexism and culture collide. Oxford Review of Education, 37 (4). pp. 457-484. ISSN 1465-3915

Boddy, Janet (2011) The Supportive Relationship in 'Public Care': The Relevance of Social Pedagogy. In: Cameron, Claire and Moss, Peter (eds.) Social Pedagogy and Working with Children and Young People: Where care and education meet. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, pp. 105-124. ISBN 9781849051194

Boddy, Janet, Smith, Marjorie and Statham, June (2011) Understandings of efficacy: cross-national perspectives on ‘what works’ in supporting parents and families. Ethics and Education, 6 (2). pp. 181-196. ISSN 1744-9642

Brown, Christopher David (2011) What factors affect the adoption of research within educational policy making? How might a better understanding of these factors improve research adoption and aid the development of policy? Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Buckland, Stephanie Helen (2011) Lost in transition: the barriers to educational access for school-age Zimbabwe migrant children in South Africa and the influences of institutional and social networks on overcoming them. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Burke, Penny Jane (2011) Masculinity, subjectivity and neoliberalism in men’s accounts of migration and higher educational participation. Gender and Education, 23 (2). pp. 169-184. ISSN 0954-0253

Burke, Penny Jane (2011) Widening educational participation: masculinities, aspirations and decision-making processes. In: Jackson, Sue, Malcolm, Irene and Thomas, Kate (eds.) Gendered choices : learning, work identities in lifelong learning. Lifelong learning book series (15). Springer, New York, pp. 37-51. ISBN 9789400706460 (hbk.) 9789400706477 (ebook)

Burke, Penny Jane and Hayton, Annette (2011) Is widening participation still ethical? Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, 13 (1). pp. 8-26. ISSN 1466-6529

Burke, Penny Jane and McManus, Jackie (2011) Art for a few: exclusions and misrecognitions in higher education admissions practices. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 32 (5). pp. 699-712. ISSN 0159-6306

Burke, Penny Jane, Scott, David, Watson, David and Hughes, Gwyneth (2011) Facilitating transitions to masters level learning through formative assessment and feedback practices. Project Report. Institute of Education, University of London, London.


Colenso, Peter John (2011) Building a theoretical framework to understand the role of aid in achieving the education Millennium Development Goals in fragile states. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Creaton, Jane (2011) Policing the boundaries: the writing, representation and regulation of criminology. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Croft, Alison (2011) Developing a responsive education system: what kinds of information do we need? In: International Disability and Development Consortium, Inclusive Education Task Group meeting, 12 September, Oxford.

Croft, Alison (2011) Including disabled children in education in low-income countries:is a survey of disability prevalence the place to start? In: EDU/DEV Seminars 2011 –12, 28 September 2011- 8 March 2012, University of East Anglia.

Croft, Alison (2011) Promoting access for disabled children in low-income countries: do we need to know how many disabled children there are? In: Global Challenges for Education: Economics, Environment and Emergency, 13th -15th September, Oxford.

Crossouard, Barbara (2011) Formative assessment and education: a political rather than instrumental issue. In: The Quality Turn: Political and Methodological Challenges in Contemporary Educational Evaluation and Assessment, 16-17 June, 2011, Umea University, Sweden.

Crossouard, Barbara (2011) Using formative assessment to support complex learning in conditions of social adversity. Assessment in Education, 18 (1). pp. 59-72. ISSN 0969-594X

Crossouard, Barbara (2011) The doctoral viva voce as a cultural practice: the gendered production of academic subjects. Gender and Education, 23 (3). pp. 313-329. ISSN 0954-0253


Dewing, Joy Elise (2011) A two-tiered approach to a Buddy Reading Programme for struggling adolescent readers. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Di Cesare, Annalisa, Giombini, Arrigo, Di Cesare, Mariachiara, Ripani, Maurizio, Vulpiani, Maria Chiara and Saraceni, Vincenzo Maria (2011) Comparison between the effects of trigger point mesotherapy versus acupuncture points mesotherapy in the treatment of chronic low back pain: A short term randomized controlled trial. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 19 (1). pp. 19-26. ISSN 0965-2299

Drake, Pat (2011) Initial teacher education: could have been rural whimsy. In: Gray, Fred (ed.) Making the future: a history of the University of Sussex. The University of Sussex, pp. 330-335. ISBN 9780904242690

Drake, Pat, Behrenbruch, Marcia, Felstead, Karen and Beveridge, Lorraine (2011) The view from over here is different: relations between doctoral study and professional practice. Work Based Learning e-Journal, 2 (1). pp. 193-211. ISSN 2044-7868

Drew, Roger, Aggleton, Peter, Chalmers, Helen and Wood, Kate (2011) Using social network analysis to evaluate a complex policy network. Evaluation, 17 (4). pp. 383-394. ISSN 1356-3890

Dunne, Máiréad, Humphreys, Sara, Dyson, Allan, Sebba, Judy, Gallannaugh, Frances and Muijs, Daniel (2011) The teaching and learning of pupils in low-attainment sets. Curriculum Journal, 22 (4). pp. 485-513. ISSN 0958-5176


Giombini, Arrigo, Di Cesare, Annalisa, Di Cesare, Mariachiara, Ripani, Maurizio and Maffulli, Nicola (2011) Localized hyperthermia induced by microwave diathermy in osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 19 (6). pp. 980-987. ISSN 0942-2056

Gordon, Charlie, Sabates, Ricardo, Bond, Rod and Wubshet, Tsedey (2011) Women's education and modern contraceptive use in Ethiopia. International Journal of Education, 3 (1). E9. ISSN 1948-5476

Gray, John, Galton, Maurice, McLaughlin, Colleen, Clarke, Barbie and Symonds, Jennifer (2011) The supportive school : Wellbeing and the young adolescent. Cambridge Scholars Pub, Newcastle Upon Tyne. ISBN 978-1-4438-32090

Griffiths, Vivienne (2011) Career changers and fast-track induction: teacher perspectives on their early professional development. Teacher Development, 15 (1). pp. 19-35. ISSN 1366-4530

Griffiths, Vivienne (2011) New models of school leadership in English schools: enhancing learning, teaching and communities. In: Teaching and Learning conference, 4-5 February 2011, University of Kerala, India.

Gutman, Leslie Morrison, Schoon, Ingrid and Sabates, Ricardo (2011) Uncertain aspirations for continuing in education: antecedents and associated outcomes. Developmental Psychology. ISSN 0012-1649


Hampden-Thompson, Gillian, Lubben, Fred and Bennett, Judith (2011) Post 16 physics and chemistry uptake: combining large-scale secondary analysis with in-depth qualitative methods. International Journal of Research and Method in Education, 34 (3). pp. 289-307. ISSN 1743-727X

Henderson, Sheila and Hudson, Brian (2011) What is subject content knowledge in mathematics? On the implications for student teachers’ competence and confidence in teaching mathematics. In: Löfström, Erika and Eisenschmidt, Eve (eds.) Developing quality cultures in teacher education : expanding horizons in relation to quality assurance. Tallinn University, Tallinn, pp. 175-194. ISBN 9789949290239

Hey, Valerie (2011) Affective asymmetries: academics, austerity and the mis/recognition of emotion. Contemporary Social Science:Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, 6 (2). pp. 207-222. ISSN 2158-2041

Hey, Valerie, Dunne, Mairead and Aynsley, Sarah (2011) The experience of black and minority ethnic staff in higher education in England. Project Report. Equality Challenge Unit, London.

Hey, Valerie and Morley, Louise (2011) Imagining the university of the future: eyes wide open? Expanding the imaginary through critical and feminist ruminations in and on the university. Contemporary Social Science, 6 (2). pp. 165-174. ISSN 2158-2041

Hudson, Brian (2011) Didactical design for technology enhanced learning. In: Hudson, Brian and Meyer, Meinert A (eds.) Beyond fragmentation: didactics, learning and teaching in Europe. Barbara Budrich, Opladen and Farmington Hills, pp. 223-238. ISBN 3866493878

Hudson, Brian (2011) Reclaiming scholarship as an integrating dimension of academic work for the impact of research on teaching and learning in higher education. Scottish Educational Review, 43 (1). pp. 24-40. ISSN 0141-9072

Hudson, Brian and Meyer, Meinert A (2011) Introduction: Finding common ground beyond fragmentation. In: Hudson, Brian and Meyer, Meinert A (eds.) Beyond fragmentation: didactics, learning and teaching in Europe. Barbara Budrich, Portland, Oregon, pp. 9-28. ISBN 9783866493872

Huyse, Huib (2011) Workplace and organisational learning in development aid: a case study of a Belgian development agency. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.


Jacklin, Angela (2011) To be or not to be 'a disabled student' in higher education: the case of a postgraduate 'non-declaring' (disabled) student. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 11 (2). pp. 99-106. ISSN 1471-3802


Kaldi, Stavroula and Griffiths, Vivienne (2011) Mature student experiences in teacher education: widening participation in Greece and England. Journal of Further and Higher Education. pp. 1-22. ISSN 1469-9486

King, Russell, Findlay, Allan, Ahrens, Jill and Dunne, Mairead (2011) Reproducing advantage: the perspective of English school leavers on studying abroad. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 9 (2). pp. 161-181. ISSN 1476-7724

Kiragu, Susan and McLaughlin, Colleen (2011) Unveiling their worlds: the use of dialogue as a health-promotion tool for HIV/AIDS education in a poor community in Kenya. Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 11 (4). pp. 419-430. ISSN 1472-0825


Lewin, Keith (2011) Expanding Access to Secondary Education: Can India Catch Up? International Journal of Education and Development, 31 (4). pp. 382-393. ISSN 0738-0593

Lewin, Keith (2011) Making Rights Realities: Researching Educational Access, Transitions and Equity. Project Report. University of Sussex, Brighton.

Lewin, Keith (2011) Policy dialogue and target setting: do current indicators of Education for All signify progress? Journal of Educational Policy, 26 (4). pp. 571-589. ISSN 0268-0939

Lewin, Keith (2011) Taking Targets to Task Revisited: How Indicators of Progress on Access to Education can Mislead. Project Report. CREATE, Falmer.

Lewin, Keith and Little, Angela W (2011) The policies, politics and progress of access to basic education. Journal of Educational Policy, 26 (4). pp. 477-482. ISSN 0268-0939

Lewin, Keith, Lu, Wang, Yuan, Luo, Wei-tao, Zhou, Tian-tian, Wang, Jie, Wang Ying and Chang, Qu Heng (2011) Education and Change in Rich, Poor and National Minority Areas in China: Two Decades of Transition. Project Report. CREATE, Brighton.

Lewin, Keith and Sabates, Ricardo (2011) Changing Patterns of Access to Education in Anglophone and Francophone Countries in Sub Saharan Africa: Is Education for All Pro-Poor? Project Report. CREATE, Falmer.

Lewin, Keith, Wasanga, Paul, Wanderi, Ephraim and Somerset, Anthony (2011) Participation and Performance in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa with special reference to Kenya: Improving Policy and Practice. Project Report. CREATE, Falmer.

Lewin, Keith M (2011) Beyond universal access to elementary education in India: is it achievable at affordable costs? Project Report. University of Sussex, Brighton.

Lewin, Keith M (2011) Beyond universal access to elementary education in India: is it achievable at affordable costs? Other. CREATE.

Lewin, Keith M (2011) Looking Back to See the Future: Four decades of development in educational planning. In: Varghese, N V and Bray, Mark (eds.) Directions in Educational Planning: International experiences and perspectives. IIEP/UNESCO Publishing, Paris, pp. 253-272. ISBN 978-92-803-1360-4

Lewin, Keith M and Little, Angela W (2011) Editorial- Access to education revisited: Equity, drop out and transitions to secondary school in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Education and Development, 31 (4). pp. 333-337. ISSN 0738-0593


Marsh, Brian (2011) The evaluation of a university In-School Teacher Education Project in Science (INSTEP). Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Marshall, Nigel and Shibazaki, Kagari (2011) Two studies of musical style sensitivity with children in early years. Music Education Research, 13 (2). pp. 227-240. ISSN 1461-3808

McLaughlin, Colleen and Kiragu, Susan (2011) Voices for change: student voices on sexuality and HIV/AIDS education. In: Czerniawski, Gerry and Kidd, Warren (eds.) The Student Voice Handbook: Bridging the Academic/Practitioner Divide. Emerald, Bradford, UK. ISBN 9781780520407

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Noyes, Andrew, Drake, Pat, Wake, Geoff and Murphy, Roger (2011) Evaluating Mathematics Pathways Final Report. Unset. Department of Education.

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Turner, Denise, Laurent, Su and Henson, Richard (2011) Woman's Hour. [Audio]


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