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Ahmed, Allam (2000) New approach to technology transfer: a case study of Sudan. In: Fifth International Conference of the UK Based 'Third World Science, Technology and Development Forum, Technology & Development in the New Millennium, held at the University of Karachi, 24-27 April, 2000.

Ahmed, Allam and Adams, John (2000) Technology Transfer in Sudan. Working Paper. Unset.

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Molas-Gallart, Jordi, Tang, Puay and Morrow, Susan (2000) Assessing the non-academic impact of grant-funded socio-economic research: results from a pilot study. Research Evaluation, 9. pp. 171-182. ISSN 0958-2029


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Robinson, J P and Poste, G (2000) International control measures: the Biological Weapons Convention and its projected Protocol. In: Unset In: The Royal Society (ed) Measures for Controlling the Threat from Biological Weapons; London: The Royal Society., Sep-14. ISBN 854035400


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Whyte, J, Bouchlaghem, N, Thorpe, A and McCaffer, R (2000) From CAD to virtual reality: modelling approaches data exchange and interactive 3D building design tools. Automation in Construction, 10 (1). pp. 43-55.

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