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Adams, Jonathan, Hopkins, Michael, Rafols, Ismael, Rotolo, Daniele, Stirling, Andrew and Digital Science, (2015) The value of structural diversity: assessing diversity for a sustainable research base. Technical Report. Digital Science, London.

Agnolucci, Paulo, Biedka, Marius, Coburn, Josie, Stirling, Andrew and et al, (2015) SPLiCE Phase 1 Significant evidence gaps on the environmental, social and economic impacts of energy system components. Output 1 from SPLICE Phase 1. Project Report. Ricardho-AEA, Didcot.

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Arora, Saurabh and Sanditov, Bulat (2015) Cultures of caste and rural development in the social network of a south Indian village. Sage Open, 5 (3). ISSN 2158-2440

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Avelino, Flor, Dumitru, Adina, Longhurst, Noel, Wittmayer, Julia, Hielscher, Sabine, Weaver, Paul, Cipolla, Carla, Afonso, Rita, Kunze, Iris, Dorland, Jens, Elle, Morton, Pel, Bonno, Strasser, Tim, Kemp, Rene, Haxeltine, Alex and Unset (2015) Transitions towards new economies? A transformative social innovation perspective. Working Paper. TRANSIT working paper #3, Brighton.


Baker, Lucy (2015) Opportunity and crisis in South Africa's electricity sector. Sussex Energy Group at SPRU.

Baker, Lucy (2015) South Africa’s electricity crisis and the future of supply. Sussex Energy Group at SPRU.

Baker, Lucy (2015) South Africa’s renewable energy plan needs a close eye. The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited.

Baker, Lucy (2015) Who is to pay for South Africa's electricity? Le Monde Diplomatique.

Baker, Lucy (2015) The evolving role of finance in South Africa's renewable energy sector. Geoforum, 64. pp. 146-156. ISSN 0016-7185

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Cairns, Rose (2015) Public perceptions of geoengineering.

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Chitnis, Mona and Sorrell, Steve (2015) Living up to expectations: estimating direct and indirect rebound effects for UK households. In: ECEEE 2015 Summer Study: First fuel now, 01-06 Jun 2015, Toulon/Hyères, France.

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Church, A, Mitchell, R, Ravenscroft, N and Stapleton, L M (2015) ‘Growing your own’: a multi-level modelling approach to understanding personal food growing trends and motivations in Europe. Ecological Economics, 110. pp. 71-80. ISSN 0921-8009

Church, Andrew, Fish, Rob, Ravenscroft, Neil and Stapleton, Lee (2015) Cultural ecosystem services, water, and aquatic environments. In: Martin-Ortega, Julia, Ferrier, Robert C, Gordon, Iain J and Khan, Shahbaz (eds.) Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective. International Hydrology . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 148-158. ISBN 9781107100374

Ciarli, Tommaso, Coad, Alex and Rafols, Ismael (2015) Quantitative analysis of technology futures: a review of techniques, uses and characteristics. Science and Public Policy, 43 (5). pp. 630-645. ISSN 0302-3427

Ciarli, Tommaso, Kofol, Chiara and Menon, Carlo (2015) Business as unusual. An explanation of the increase of private economic activity in high-conflict areas in Afghanistan. Working Paper. SERC, LSE, London.

Ciarli, Tommaso and Savona, Maria (2015) From quadratic to exponential changes: the relations between economic structure and sustainability. Project Report. UN ECLAC, Santiago.

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Dacre, Nicholas, Constantinides, Panos and Nandhakumar, Joe (2015) How to motivate and engage generation 'clash of clans' at work? Emergent properties of business gamification elements in the digital economy. International Gamification for Business Conference (IGBC15), Aston, UK, 21-22 September 2015. Published in: 9-17.


Ely, Adrian (2015) Lessons from China’s GM controversy. In: MacNaghten, Phil and Carro-Ripalda, Susana (eds.) Governing agricultural sustainability: global lessons from GM crops. Pathways to Sustainability . Routledge, Oxon, UK, pp. 161-166. ISBN 9781138891777

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Ely, Adrian, van Zwanenberg, Patrick and Stirling, Andrew (2015) Experiments in technology assessment for international development: what are the lessons for institutionalisation? Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis, 24 (1). pp. 59-67. ISSN 1619-7623

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Gutierrez Copello, Kalinca (2015) “Thinking and speaking for ourselves”: the development of shack dwellers’ political voice in the age of ICTs. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


Hamliton, Jo, Mayne, Ruth, Parag, Yael and Bergman, Noam (2015) Scaling up local carbon action: the role of partnerships, networks and policy. Carbon Management, 5 (4). pp. 463-476. ISSN 1758-3004

Hannon, Matthew J, Foxon, Timothy J and Gale, William F (2015) ‘Demand pull’ government policies to support Product-Service System activity: the case of Energy Service Companies (ESCos) in the UK. Journal of Cleaner Production, 108 (Part A). pp. 900-915. ISSN 0959 6526

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Hielscher, Sabine (2015) Fab Lab Amersfoort, De War: an innovation history. Project Report. Centre for Innovation and Energy Demand.

Hiteva, Ralitsa (2015) Response to Ofgem’s discussion paper on ‘on-traditional business models: supporting transformative change in the energy market". Other. SPRU, East Sussex.

Hiteva, Ralitsa, Foxon, Tim, Nightingale, Paul and MacKerron, Gordon (2015) Response to the Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry into low carbon network infrastructure. Discussion Paper. Sussex Energy Group/SPRU, SPRU.

Hiteva, Ralitsa, Maltby, Tomas and Davidescu, Simona (2015) Response to the European Union Committee Energy and Environment Sub-Committee’s call for evidence on EU energy governance. Discussion Paper. SPRU Working Paper Series, East Sussex, UK.

Hiteva, Ralitsa and Workman, Mark (2015) Enhancing governance of energy and water interdependencies. SPRU Working Paper Series, East Sussex.

Hwang, SeongWoong (2015) Latecomers’ science-based catch-up in transition: the case of the Korean pharmaceutical industry. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


Johnstone, Philip and MacKerron, Gordon (2015) Small modular reactors – the future of nuclear power? Sussex Energy Group.

Johnstone, Philip and Stirling, Andrew (2015) Comparing nuclear power trajectories in Germany and the UK: from ‘regimes' to ‘democracies’ in sociotechnical transitions and Discontinuities. Working Paper. SPRU, Brighton.

Johnstone, Philip and Stirling, Andrew (2015) Shining a light on Britain’s nuclear state. The Guardian.

Johnstone, Philip and Stirling, Andrew (2015) Why Germany is dumping nuclear power – and Britain isn’t. The Conversation.

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Martin, Ben R (2015) Twenty challenges to innovation studies. In: Copenhagen Business School (CBS) workshop on innovation studies, 24 Feb 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Martiskainen, Mari (2015) As thousands die, the UK must face up to its responsibilities on fuel poverty. Unset.

Martiskainen, Mari (2015) CIED contributes to conference session on energy and consumer behaviour in Brazil. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

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Martiskainen, Mari (2015) New research project to investigate how communities can tackle fuel poverty - the silent killer. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

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