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Alissa, Eman M, Alnahdi, Wafa A, Alama, Nabil and Ferns, Gordon A (2015) Bone mineral density and cardiovascular risk factors in postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease. BoneKEy Reports, 4 (758). ISSN 2047-6396

Alissa, Eman M and Ferns, Gordon A (2015) Dietary fruits and vegetables and cardiovascular diseases risk. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 57 (9). pp. 1950-1962. ISSN 1040-8398

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Annesley, Claire, Engeli, Isabelle and Gains, Francesca (2015) The profile of gender equality issue attention in Western Europe. European Journal of Political Research, 54 (3). pp. 525-542. ISSN 0304-4130


Beltran, L, Koenig, K, Egner, W, Butt, A, Patel, D, Sanderson, R R, Saleh, F, Goubet, S, Lavender, J, Stainer, E, Tarzi, M D, Howard, M and Austin, M R (2015) High-titre circulating tissue transglutaminase-2 antibodies predict small bowel villous atrophy, but decision cut-off limits must be locally validated. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 176 (2). pp. 190-198. ISSN 0009-9104

Boskabadi, Hassan, Omidian, Masoud, Tavallai, Shima, Mohammadi, Shabnam, Parizadeh, Mostafa, Mobarhan, Majid Ghayour and Ferns, Gordon A A (2015) Serum Hsp70 antigen: Early diagnosis marker in perinatal asphyxia. Iranian Journal of Pediatrics, 25 (2). e381. ISSN 2008-2142

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Cooper, Max, Banks, Harrison, Tamiru, Abreham, Woubie, Moses, Tsegay, Girmay and Davey, Gail (2015) Using the candidacy model to explore health beliefs, self-care and lay treatment-seeking behaviours of patients with podoconiosis in northern Ethiopia. In: Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists, 10 September 2015, University of Sussex, UK.

Cooper, Maxwell and Shurlock, Jonathan (2015) Is general practice engaged with physical activity promotion? British Journal of General Practice. ISSN 0960-1643

Cooper, Maxwell, Sornalingam, Sangeetha and O'Donnell, Catherine (2015) Street-level bureaucracy: an underused theoretical model for general practice? British Journal of General Practice, 65 (636). pp. 376-377. ISSN 0960-1643

Cooper, V, Clatworthy, J, Youssef, E, Perry, N, Nixon, E, Fisher, M, Pollard, A, Llewellyn, C, Miners, A, Lagarde, M, Sachikonye, M, Sabin, C and Foreman, C (2015) [Abstract] What aspects of health care are most valued by people living with HIV? Results of a systematic review. In: Unset.


Finn, Gabrielle M, Walker, Simon J, Carter, Madeline, Cox, David R, Hewitson, Ruth and Smith, Claire F (2015) Exploring relationships between personality and anatomy performance. Anatomical Sciences Education, 8 (6). pp. 547-554. ISSN 1935-9772


Ghayour-Mobarhan, M, Moohebati, M, Esmaily, H, Ebrahimi, M, Parizadeh, S M R, Heidari-Bakavoli, A R, Safarian, M, Mokhber, N, Nematy, M, Saber, H, Mohammadi, M, Andalibi, M S S, Ferns, G A and Azarpazhooh, M R (2015) Mashhad stroke and heart atherosclerotic disorder (MASHAD) study: design, baseline characteristics and 10-year cardiovascular risk estimation. International Journal of Public Health, 60 (5). pp. 561-572. ISSN 16618556

Gholamin, Sharareh, Pasdar, Alireza, Khorrami, Mohammad Sadegh, Mirzaei, Hamed, Mirzaei, Hamid Reza, Salehi, Rasoul, Ferns, Gordon A, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid and Avan, Amir (2015) The potential for circulating microRNAs in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction: a novel approach to disease diagnosis and treatment. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 22 (3). pp. 397-403. ISSN 1381-6128


Habash-Bailey, Haniah, Cooper, Maxwell and Ford, Elizabeth (2015) What determines how general practitioners record anxiety disorders? In: Junior Research Associate Poster Exhibition, 2 September 2015, University of Sussex, UK.

Heikal, Lamia, Ghezzi, Pietro, Mengozzi, Manuela and Ferns, Gordon (2015) Hypoxia enhances the tissue protective effect of erythropoietin and its analogues in an endothelial cell injury model. In: Keystone Symposia Conference. Hypoxia: From Basic Mechanisms to Therapeutics, May 12-17 2015, Dublin. Ireland.

Heikal, Lamia, Ghezzi, Pietro, Mengozzi, Manuela and Ferns, Gordon (2015) Low oxygen tension primes aortic endothelial cells to the reparative effect of tissue-protective cytokines. Molecular Medicine, 21. pp. 709-716. ISSN 1076-1551

Hennessy, Catherine (2015) Can Twitter be used to enhance student engagement and learning of Neuroanatomy in medical education? In: European Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 8-9 June 2015, University College, Cork, Ireland.

Hennessy, Catherine and Border, S (2015) Does longitudinal Twitter use complement all anatomy learning? A comparison between two cohorts. In: Anatomical Society Winter 2015 Meeting, 14-16 Dec 2015, Cambridge, U.K..

Hennessy, Catherine and Border, S (2015) Winning over hearts and minds: using Twitter to enhance the student learning experience in neuroanatomy. In: AMEE (an International Association for Medical Education) 2015, 5-9 September 2015, Glasgow.


Jones, Christina J, Hayward, Mark, Brown, Abigail, Clark, Elizabeth, Bird, Daniel, Harwood, Gina, Scott, Crystyn, Hillemann, Angela and Smith, Helen E (2015) Feasibility and participant experiences of a written emotional disclosure intervention for parental caregivers of people with psychosis. Stress and Health. ISSN 1532-3005


Kazemi-Bajestani, Seyyed Mohammad Reza, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid, Thrift, Amanda G, Ferns, Gordon A, Frazadfard, Mohammad Taghi, Mokhber, Naghme, Behrouz, Reza and Azarpazhooh, Mahmoud Reza (2015) Obesity paradox versus frailty syndrome in first-ever ischemic stroke survivors. International Journal of Stroke, 10 (7). E75. ISSN 1747-4930


Lawrence, David, Cooper, Maxwell, Magala, Enoch and Smith, Helen (2015) Negotiating access to sexual and reproductive health services: the experiences of young Ugandan women. Journal of Womens Health, Issues and Care, 4 (6). ISSN 2325-9795

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Longhurst, H J, Tarzi, M D, Ashworth, F, Bethune, C, Cale, C, Dempster, J, Gompels, M, Jolles, S, Seneviratne, S, Symons, C, Price, A and Edgar, D (2015) C1 inhibitor deficiency: 2014 United Kingdom consensus document. Clinical And Experimental Immunology, 180 (3). pp. 475-483. ISSN 0009-9104


May, Lucy and Cooper, Maxwell (2015) What evidence exists for the management of nightmares in torture victims? a systematic review. In: Conference of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 1-3 October 2015, Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland.

Memon, A, Taylor, K, Mohebati, L, Collins, V, Campbell, M, Porter, A, Dale, A, Hope, E, Koroma, P, Ndebele, D, O de Visser, R and Cooper, M (2015) Perceived barriers to accessing mental health services among ethnic minorities: a qualitative study in southeast england. In: European Congress of Epidemiology - Healthy Living, 25-27 June 2015, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Mirhafez, Seyed Reza, Pasdar, Alireza, Avan, Amir, Esmaily, Habibollah, Moezzi, Atefeh, Mohebati, Mohsen, Meshkat, Zahra, Mehrad-Majd, Hassan, Eslami, Saied, Rahimi, Hamid Reza, Ghazavi, Hamed, Ferns, Gordon A and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2015) Cytokine and growth factor profiling in patients with the metabolic syndrome. British Journal of Nutrition, 113 (12). pp. 1911-1919. ISSN 0007-1145

Mirhafez, Seyed Reza, Zarifian, Ahmadreza, Ebrahimi, Mahmoud, Ali, Ramin Fakhre Ale, Avan, Amir, Tajfard, Mohammad, Mohebati, Mohsen, Eslami, Saeid, Rahsepar, Amir Ali, Rahimi, Hamid Reza, Mehrad-Majd, Hassan, Ferns, Gordon A and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2015) Relationship between serum cytokine and growth factor concentrations and coronary artery disease. Clinical Biochemistry, 48 (9). pp. 575-580. ISSN 0009-9120


Paudyal, Priyamvada, Capel-Williams, Gabriella M, Griffiths, Elizabeth, Theadom, Alice, Frew, Anthony J and Smith, Helen E (2015) Readability, presentation and quality of allergy-related patient information leaflets: a cross sectional and longitudinal study. Journal of Allergy & Therapy, 06 (03). ISSN 215-56121

Paudyal, Priyamvada, Llewellyn, Carrie, Lau, Jason, Mahmud, Mohammad and Smith, Helen (2015) Obtaining self-samples to diagnose curable sexually transmitted infections: a systematic review of patients' experiences. PLoS ONE, 10 (4). ISSN 1932-6203

Paudyal, Priyamvada, Semple, Sean, Gairhe, Santosh, Steiner, Markus F C, Niven, Rob and Ayres, Jon G (2015) Respiratory symptoms and cross-shift lung function in relation to cotton dust and endotoxin exposure in textile workers in Nepal: a cross-sectional study. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 72. pp. 870-876. ISSN 1351-0711

Pollard, A, Llewellyn, C, Cooper, V, Perry, N, Nixon, E, Youssef, E, Clatworthy, J, Fisher, M, Miners, A, Lagarde, M, Sabin, C, Sachikonye, M and Foreman, C (2015) [Abstract] Patients’ preferences for the delivery of HIV services: a qualitative study of the roles of secondary versus primary care. In: Unset.


Richards, N and Dilley, A (2015) Contribution of hyperpolarization-activated channels to heat hypersensitivity and ongoing activity in the neuritis model. Neuroscience, 284. pp. 87-98. ISSN 0306-4522


Sheringham, J, Lyon, A, Jones, A, Strobl, J and Barratt, H (2015) Increasing medical students’ engagement in public health: case studies illustrating the potential role of online learning. In: Developing Excellence in Medical Education Conference (DEMEC) 2015, 25-26 November 2015, Manchester.

Smith, C F, Finn, G M, Stewart, J and McHanwell, S (2015) Anatomical Society core regional anatomy syllabus for undergraduate medicine: the Delphi process. Journal of Anatomy, 228 (1). pp. 2-14. ISSN 0021-8782

Smith, Claire F, Hall, Samuel, Border, Scott, Adds, Philip J and Finn, Gabrielle M (2015) Interprofessional anatomy education in the United Kingdom and Ireland: perspectives from students and teachers. Anatomical Sciences Education, 8 (4). pp. 360-370. ISSN 1935-9772

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Tsegay, Girmay, Wubie, Moges, Degu, Genet, Tamiru, Abreham, Cooper, Max and Davey, Gail (2015) Barriers to access and re-attendance for treatment of podoconiosis: a qualitative study in northern Ethiopia. International Health, 7 (4). pp. 285-292. ISSN 1876-3413


Waterman, Lauren, Varma, Neha, Doherty, Ambre, Cooper, Max and Mason, Louise (2015) Using a symptom observation chart for dying patients: review of a service improvement tool. In: Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium, 9-10 October 2015, Boston, Massachussets, USA.

Whale, Richard, Fialho, Renata Sofia, Rolt, Michael, Eccles, Jessica, Pereira, Marco, Keller, Majella, File, Alexandra, Haq, Inam and Tibble, Jeremy (2015) Psychomotor retardation and vulnerability to interferon alpha induced major depressive disorder: prospective study of a chronic hepatitis C cohort. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 79 (6). pp. 640-645. ISSN 0022-3999


Zomorrodian, Davoud, Khajavi-Rad, Abolfazl, Avan, Amir, Ebrahimi, Mahmoud, Nematy, Mohsen, Azarpazhooh, Mahmoud Reza, Emamian, Marzieh, Sadeghzade, Mahsa, Mirhafez, Seyed Reza, Mohammadi, Maryam, Mousavi, Mina, Esmaeili, Habibollah, Moohebati, Mohsen, Parizadeh, Mohammad Reza, Ferns, Gordon A and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2015) Metabolic syndrome components as markers to prognosticate the risk of developing chronic kidney disease: evidence-based study with 6492 individuals. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 69 (6). pp. 594-598. ISSN 0143-005X

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