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Durrant, Rachael, Barnes, Jacob, Kern, Florian and MacKerron, Gordon (2018) The acceleration of transitions to urban sustainability: a case study of Brighton and Hove. European Planning Studies, 26 (8). pp. 1537-1558. ISSN 0965-4313

Barnes, Jake, Durrant, Rachael, Kern, Florian and MacKerron, Gordon (2018) The institutionalisation of sustainable practices in cities: how sustainability initiatives shape local selection environments. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. ISSN 2210-4224

Johnstone, Philip, Sovacool, Benjamin K, MacKerron, Gordon and Stirling, Andy (2016) [Letter] Nuclear power: serious risks. Science, 354 (6316). p. 1112. ISSN 0036-8075

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Rush, Howard J, MacKerron, Gordon and Surrey, John (1977) The advanced gas-cooled reactor. A case study in reactor choice. Energy Policy, 5 (2). pp. 95-105. ISSN 03014215

Book Section

MacKerron, Gordon (2011) Innovation and diffusion of renewables and CHP in the UK: regulation and liberalisation. In: Jansen, Dorothea, Ostertag, Katrin and Walz, Rainer (eds.) Sustainability Innovations in the Electricity Sector. Sustainability and innovation . Physica-Verlag HD, pp. 141-150. ISBN 9783790827293

Scrase, Ivan, Kern, Florian, Lehtonen, Markku, MacKerron, Gordon, Martiskainen, Mari, McGowan, Francis, Ockwell, David, Sauter, Raphael, Smith, Adrian, Sorrell, Steven, Wang, Tao and Watson, Jim (2009) Energy policy implications. In: Scrase, Ivan and MacKerron, Gordon (eds.) Energy for the Future: A New Agenda. Energy, Climate and the Environment Series . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke & New York, pp. 239-250. ISBN 9780230221512

Scrase, Ivan James, Wang, Tao, MacKerron, Gordon, McGowan, Francis and Sorrell, Steven (2009) Introduction: climate policy is energy policy. In: Scrase, Ivan James and MacKerron, Gordon (eds.) Energy for the Future: A New Agenda. Energy, Climate and the Environment Series . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke & New York, pp. 3-19. ISBN 9780230221529

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Scrase, I, Bauknecht, D, Kern, F, Lehtonen, M, MacKerron, G, Martiskainen, M, McGowan, F, Ockwell, D, Sauter, R, Smith, A, Sorrell, S, Wang, T and Watson, J (2009) Conclusions: transitions, governance and appraisal. In: Scrase, Ivan James and MacKerron, Gordon (eds.) Energy for the Future. A New Agenda. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 223-238. ISBN 9780230221512

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MacKerron, Gordon (2009) Lessons from the UK on urgency and legitimacy in energy policymaking. In: Energy for the future. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 76-88. ISBN 9780230221512

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MacKerron, Gordon (2003) Organisation and regulation of the electricity supply industry in the United Kingdom. In: Paoli, L de (ed.) The European electricity supply industries. Francoangeli.

MacKerron, Gordon (2001) Organisation and regulation of the electricity supply industry in the United Kingdom. In: Paoli, Luigi De (ed.) The electricity industry in transition: organization, regulation and ownership in EU member states. Economia e politica dell'energia e dell'ambiente (37). FrancoAngeli, pp. 529-585. ISBN 8846435206

MacKerron, Gordon and Sadnicki, M (2000) UK nuclear liabilities: sustainability and technical choice. In: MacKerron, Gordon and Pearson, P (eds.) The International Energy Experience. Imperial College Press.

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MacKerron, Gordon (1994) Innovation in energy supply: the case of electricity. In: Dodgson, M and Rothwell, R (eds.) Handbook of industrial innovation. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Aldershot. ISBN 1852786558

Fothergill, Stephen and MacKerron, Gordon (1990) The economics and financing of decommissioning. In: Pasqualetti, Martin J (ed.) Decommissioning the Atom: Public links to a Technical Task. Routledge.

MacKerron, G and Walker, W B (1986) Energy Forecasting: Does it have a future? In: Harrison, Anthony and Gretton, John (eds.) Energy UK 1986 : an economic, social and policy audit. Policy Journals, Newbury. ISBN 0946967105

Reports and working papers

MacKerron, Gordon and Johnstone, Philip (2016) Evidence submitted to the Welsh Affairs Committee inquiry on the future of nuclear power in Wales. Technical Report. House of Commons, London.

Hiteva, Ralitsa, Foxon, Tim, Nightingale, Paul and MacKerron, Gordon (2015) Response to the Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry into low carbon network infrastructure. Discussion Paper. Sussex Energy Group/SPRU, SPRU.

MacKerron, Gordon (2012) Evaluation of nuclear decommissioning and waste management. Project Report. University of Sussex, Sussex.

Ockwell, David, Watson, Jim, Mallett, Alexandra, Haum, Ruediger, MacKerron, Gordon and Verbeken, Anne-Marie (2010) Enhancing developing country access to eco-innovation: the case of technology transfer and climate change in a post-2012 policy framework. Working Paper. OECD Publishing, Paris.

Ockwell, David, Watson, Jim, Verbeken, Anne Marie, Mallett, Alexandra and MacKerron, Gordon (2009) A blueprint for post-2012 technology transfer to developing countries. Technical Report. University of Sussex, Falmer.

Mallett, Alexandra, Ockwell, David G, Pal, Prosanto, Kumar, Amit, Abbi, Y P, Haum, Ruediger, MacKerron, Gordon, Watson, Jim and Sethi, Girish (2009) UK-India collaborative study on low carbon technology transfer: Phase II Final Report. Technical Report. Department of Energy and Climate Change, London.

Watson, Jim, MacKerron, Gordon, Ockwell, David and Wang, Tao (2007) Technology and carbon mitigation in developing countries: Are cleaner coal technologies a viable option? Background paper for Human Development Report 2007. Discussion Paper. United Nations, Brussels.

Ockwell, David, Watson, Jim, MacKerron, Gordon, Pal, Prosanto and Yamin, Farhana, et al (2007) UK–India collaboration to identify the barriers to the transfer of low carbon energy technology: Final report. Project Report. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, London.

MacKerron, Gordon (2007) Implementing a partnership approach to radioactive waste management - Report to Governments, April 2007. Chapter 1. Chair's introduction and main messages. Project Report. Committee on Radioactive Waste Management.

MacKerron, Gordon, Colenutt, Dennis, Spackman, Michael, Robinson, Alastair and Linton, Essie (2006) Economics of nuclear power Report no. 4. Project Report. Sustainable Development Commission.

MacKerron, Gordon, Robinson, Andrew, Colenutt, D, Spackman, M and Linton, E (2005) The economics of nuclear power. A report to the Sustainable Development Commission. Working Paper. SPRU/NERA Economic Consulting.

MacKerron, G and Sadnicki, M (1997) Managing Nuclear Liabilities. Technical Report. Unset.

MacKerron, Gordon (1991) The economics and sustainability of gas use for power generation in the UK. Project Report. Coalfield Communities Campaign.

Conference or Workshop Item

Karki, Lokendra, Lieu, Jenny, Alvarez Tinoco, Rocio and MacKerron, Gordon (2018) Understanding livelihood dynamics amidst climate change among indigenous mountain farmers of Nepal. In: Second International Mountain Futures Conference, 4 -8 June 2018, Kunming, China.


MacKerron, G and Pearson, P (2000) The International Energy Experience: Markets, Regulation and the Environment. Imperial College Press. ISBN 9781860941979

Sadnicki, Mike, Fred, Barker and MacKerron, Gordon (1999) Thorp: the case for contract renegotiation. Friends of the Earth.

MacKerron, Gordon and Sadnicki, Mike (1995) UK nuclear privatisation and public sector liabilities. STEEP special report (4). University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit. ISBN 0903622742

Edited Book

MacKerron, Prof Gordon and Scrase, Dr James, eds. (2009) Energy for the Future. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-0-230-22151-2


Johnstone, Philip and MacKerron, Gordon (2015) Small modular reactors – the future of nuclear power? Sussex Energy Group.

Johnstone, Philip, Gross, Matthew, MacKerron, Gordon, Kern, Florian and Stirling, Andrew (2013) Response to the DECC Consultation of the siting process for a Geological Disposal Facility, 2013. SPRU.

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