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Danisi, Carmelo (2018) What 'Safe Harbours' are there for sexual orientation and gender identity asylum claims? A human rights reading of international law of the sea and refugee law. GenIUS - Rivista di studi giuridici sull'orientamento sessuale e sull'identita' di genere, 2018 (2). pp. 9-24. ISSN 2384-9495

Danisi, Carmelo (2017) Promoting human rights through the EU external action: an empty “vessel” for sexual minorities? European Foreign Affairs Review, 22 (3). pp. 341-356. ISSN 1384-6299

Danisi, Carmelo (2015) Protecting the Human Rights of people living with HIV/AIDS: A European approach? Groningen Journal of International Law, 3 (2). pp. 47-79. ISSN 2352-2674

Danisi, Carmelo (2013) Disabilita, lavoro e "soluzioni ragionevoli": l'inadempimento dell'Italia alla Corte di Giustizia. Quaderni Costituzionali, 2013 (4). pp. 1005-1008. ISSN 0392-6664

Danisi, Carmelo (2012) Famiglia di fatto e unioni omosessuali. Famiglia e Diritto (10). pp. 453-462. ISSN 1591-7703

Danisi, Carmelo (2012) La decisione Vejdeland e altri c. Svezia: hate speech, orientamento sessuale e CEDU. Quaderni Costituzionali, 2012 (2). pp. 450-454. ISSN 0392-6664

Danisi, Carmelo (2011) How far can the European Court of Human Rights go in the fight against discrimination? Defining new standards in its nondiscrimination jurisprudence. International Journal of Constitutional Law, 9 (3-4). pp. 793-807. ISSN 1474-2640

Danisi, Carmelo (2011) State secrets, impunity and human rights violations: prosecution restricted in the Abu Omar case. Essex Human Rights Review, 8 (1). pp. 253-268. ISSN 1756-1957

Danisi, Carmelo (2011) La tutela regionale contro le discriminazioni fondate sull'orientamento sessuale e sull'identità di genere. Le Regioni, 2011 (1). pp. 181-204. ISSN 0391-7576

Danisi, Carmelo (2010) La Corte di Strasburgo e i matrimoni omosessuali: vita familiare e difesa dell'unione tradizionale. Quaderni Costituzionali, 2010 (4). pp. 870-872. ISSN 0392-6664

Danisi, Carmelo (2009) Preventing torture and controlling irregular immigration - The role of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and its activity in Italy. Essex Human Rights Review, 6 (1). pp. 151-176. ISSN 1756-1957

Book Section

Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira and Ferreira, Nuno (2019) Queering Brexit: what’s in Brexit for sexual and gender minorities? In: Dustin, Moira, Ferreira, Nuno and Millns, Susan (eds.) Gender and queer perspectives on Brexit. Gender and Politics . Palgrave, Cham, pp. 239-272. ISBN 9783030031220

Balboni, Marco and Danisi, Carmelo (2018) I diritti umani in Russia e Cina: proposte concettuali e rapporti tra ordinamenti. In: Stefano, Bianchini and Andrea, Fiori (eds.) Russia e Cina nel mondo globale. Carrocci Editore, Roma, pp. 59-72. ISBN 9788843092833

Danisi, Carmelo and Crock, Mary (2018) Immigration control and the best interests of the child in Europe. In: Crock, Mary and Benson, Lenni (eds.) Protecting migrant children: in search of best practices. Edward Elgar Publishing, London, pp. 136-162. ISBN 9781786430250

Danisi, Carmelo (2018) Il principio del preminente interesse del minore in ambito migratorio: verso una convergenza? In: Nesi, Giuseppe (ed.) Migrazioni e diritto internazionale: verso il superamento dell'emergenza? Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, pp. 517-530. ISBN 9788893913911

Danisi, Carmelo (2017) Contextualising non-discrimination: towards a new approach for sexual minorities under the ECHR? In: Balboni, Marco (ed.) The European Convention on Human Rights and the Principle of Non-discrimination. La ricerca del diritto nella Comunità internazionale . Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, pp. 197-232. ISBN 9788893912297

Danisi, Carmelo (2015) La donna nel diritto internazionale e dell’Unione europea: verso il superamento o la riaffermazione dei “tradizionali ruoli femminili”? In: Pitino, A (ed.) Interventi di contrasto alla discriminazione e alla violenza sulle donne nella vita pubblica e privata. Un’analisi multidisciplinare. Giappicchelli, Torino, Italy, pp. 117-143. ISBN 9788892102620

Danisi, C (2012) Torture, detention and immigration in the Mediterranean area. Sharing responsibility through the establishment of a common system of human rights protection. In: Bottaro Palumbo, M G and Danisi, C (eds.) Civil rights protection and the rights of migrants in the framework of the Mediterranean cooperation. Ricerca . Genoa University Press, Genova, Italy, pp. 87-100. ISBN 9788897752097

Danisi, Carmelo (2011) Rethinking the judgement on discrimination. A horizontal analysis on European jurisprudence. In: Schuster, Alexander (ed.) Equality and justice: sexual orientation and gender identity in the XXI century. Forum, Udine, Italy, pp. 60-75. ISBN 9788884207029

Danisi, Carmelo (2011) Il diritto di partecipazione e l’ascolto del minore in ambito giudiziario. In: Bottaro Palumbo, Maria Grazia (ed.) I diritti dell'infanzia. Genoa University Press, Genova, Italy, pp. 274-301. ISBN 9788890549281

Reports and working papers

Ferreira, Nuno, Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira and Held, Nina (2018) The reform of the Common European Asylum System: fifteen recommendations from a sexual orientation and gender identity perspective. Technical Report. SOGICA / University of Sussex, Brighton.

Danisi, Carmelo and Balboni, Marco (2016) Fostering accessibility and respect to rule of law in Sahrawi refugees’ camps. Technical Report. University of Bologna, Bologna.

Danisi, Carmelo (2014) Legal study on homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. Technical Report. EU Fundamental Rights Agency.

Danisi, Carmelo (2013) The use of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in national jurisprudence. Technical Report. EU Fundamental Rights Agency.


Danisi, Carmelo (2015) Tutela dei diritti umani, non discriminazione e orientamento sessuale. La ricerca del diritto nella comunita internazionale, 11 . Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, Italy. ISBN 9788863428407

Edited Special Journal Issue

Danisi, Carmelo, ed. (2018) International protection and SOGI. GenIUS - Rivista di studi giuridici sull'orientamento sessuale e sull'identita' di genere (2). ISSN 2384-9495


Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira and Ferreira, Nuno (2018) Brexit, sexual orientation and gender identity: what about the people? The UK in a Changing Europe [Weblog article, 20 November 2018]. The UK in a Changing Europe, UK.

Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira and Ferreira, Nuno (2017) Queering brexit. The UK in a Changing Europe.

Danisi, Carmelo (2017) Taking the 'Union' out of 'EU': The EU-Turkey Statement as an agreement between States. European Society of International Law, Ejil Talk.

Craig, Elizabeth, Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira, Ferreira, Nuno, Held, Nina, Millns, Susan, Taggart, Paul, Velluti, Samantha and Walters, Mark (2016) Written submission from the School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex (OEU0007)to the Women and equalities Committee inquiry: ensuring strong equalities legislation after EU exit. Houses of Parliament.

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