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Challinor, Kirsten L and Mather, George (2010) A motion-energy model predicts the direction discrimination and MAE duration of two-stroke apparent motion at high and low retinal illuminance. Vision Research, 50 (12). pp. 1109-1116. ISSN 0042-6989

Mather, George (2010) Head-body ratio as a visual cue for stature in people and sculptural art. Perception, 39 (10). pp. 1390-1395. ISSN 0301-0066

Mather, George and Pavan, Andrea (2009) Motion-induced position shifts occur after motion integration. Vision Research, 49 (23). pp. 2741-2746. ISSN 0042-6989

Mather, George (2009) Body proportion as a cue for the perception of human stature. Perception, 39 (8). p. 1151. ISSN 0301-0066

Mather, George and Challinor, Kirsten (2009) Psychophysical properties of two-stroke apparent motion. Journal of Vision, 9 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1534-7362

Mather, George, Pavan, Andrea, Campana, Gianluca and Casco, Clara (2008) The motion aftereffect reloaded. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12 (12). pp. 481-487. ISSN 1364-6613

Pavan, Andrea and Mather, George (2008) Distinct position assignment mechanisms revealed by cross-order motion. Vision Research, 48 (21). pp. 2260-2268. ISSN 0042-6989

Mather, George (2008) Perceptual uncertainty and line-call challenges in professional tennis. Proceedings B: Biological Sciences, 275 (1643). pp. 1645-1651. ISSN 1471-2954

Mather, George (2006) Motion after-effects from two-stroke apparent motion. Journal of Vision, 6 (6). ISSN 1534-7362

Mather, George (2006) Two-stroke: A new illusion of visual motion based on the time course of neural responses in the human visual system. Vision Research, 46 (13). pp. 2015-2018. ISSN 0042-6989

Mather, George and Daniell, Andrew K (2005) No effect of spatial phase randomisation on direction discrimination in dense random element patterns. Vision Research, 45 (6). pp. 759-764. ISSN 0042-6989

Mosimann, U.P., Mather, George, Wesnes, K.A., O'Brien, J.T., Burn, D.J. and McKeith, I.G. (2004) Visual perception in Parkinson disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies. Neurology, 63 (11). pp. 2091-2096. ISSN 0028-3878

Mather, George and Smith, David R R (2004) Combining depth cues: Effects upon accuracy and speed of performance in a depth-ordering task. Vision Research, 44 (6). pp. 557-562. ISSN 0042-6989

Mather, George and Smith, David R R (2002) Blur discrimination and its relation to blur-mediated depth perception. Perception, 31. pp. 1211-1219.

Mather, George (2001) Object-oriented models of cognitive processing. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 5 (5). pp. 182-184. ISSN 1364-6613

Mather, George (2000) Integration biases in the Ouchi and other visual illusions. Perception, 29 (6). pp. 721-727. ISSN 03010066

Mather, George and Murdoch, Linda (1997) Order-specific and non-specific motion responses in the human visual system. Vision Research, 37 (5). pp. 605-611. ISSN 00426989

Mather, George (1996) Image Blur as a pictorial depth cue. Proceedings B: Biological Sciences, 263 (1367). pp. 169-172. ISSN 1471-2954

Book Section

Mather, G (2004) Perceptual and cognitive limits on driver information processing. In: Childs, P R N and Stobart, R K (eds.) Total vehicle technology: finding the radical, implementing the practical. Imeche Event Publications, 10 . Professional Engineering Publishing, pp. 85-92. ISBN 9781860584602

Mather, George W (2003) Motion Perception, Psychology of. In: Nadel, Lynn (ed.) Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 9780470018866

Conference or Workshop Item

Mather, G (2007) Two-stroke apparent motion is abolished at low luminance. In: Perception, 27 - 31 August 2007, Arezzo.

Mather, G (2006) Where is the sense in low-level motion? In: 29th European Conference on Visual Perception, 20 - 25 August 2006, St Petersburg.

Rogers, J, Hamilton, R and Mather, George (2005) Motion perception in art and design research. In: Perception.

Mather, George, Hamilton, R and Rogers, J (2005) Perception of phase wave motion. In: Perception XXVIII Annual Meeting: European Conference on Visual Perception, 22-26 August, 2005, A Coruña, Spain.

Mather, George W and Daniell, Andrew K (2003) Direction discrimination performance measured using a Fourier domain signal-to-noise paradigm. In: Journal of Vision.

Thompson, Benjamin S and Mather, George (2003) Discriminating the biological motion of animals. In: Vision Sciences Society Meeting, May 9-14, 2003, Saratosa, Florida.

Daniell, A and Mather, G W (2003) Dmax in the Fourier domain. In: Perception.

Daniell, A K and Mather, G W (2002) The spatiotemporal autocorrelation spectrum bridges energy-based and feature-based accounts of motion. In: Perception, 25 - 29 August 2002, Glasgow.

Mather, George and Daniell, AK (2002) Separating energy-based and feature-based accounts of motion discrimination in random-dot kinematograms. In: Perception.

Thompson, B and Mather, G W (2002) The role of motion cues in the recognition of animals. In: Perception.

Mather, George and Daniell, A (2001) Modelling random block kinematogram performance with edge statistics. In: Ophthalmology and Vision Science.

Mather, George and Thompson, B (2001) Stationary pedestals during adaptation reduce motion after-effect duration. In: ARVO (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) Annual Meeting, April 29-May 4, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.


Mather, George (2006) Foundations of perception. Psychology Press. ISBN 9780863778353

Edited Book

Mather, George, Verstraten, Frans and Anstis, Stuart, eds. (1998) The Motion Aftereffect:A Modern Perspective. MIT Press, 220 pages. ISBN 0-262-13343-1

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