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Temkin, Jennifer (2010) "And always keep a-hold of nurse, for fear of finding something worse": challenging rape myths in the courtroom. New Criminal Law Review, 13 (4). pp. 710-734. ISSN 1933-4192

Krahe, Barbera, Temkin, Jennifer, Bieneck, Steffen and Berger, Anja (2008) Prospective Lawyers' Rape Stereotypes and Schematic Decision Making about Rape Cases. Psychology, Crime and Law, 14 (5). pp. 461-479. ISSN 1068-316X

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Temkin, Jennifer and Ashworth, Andrew (2004) The sexual offences act 2003: (1) Rape, Sexual Assaults and the Problems of Consent. Criminal Law Review. pp. 328-346. ISSN 0011-135X

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Temkin, Jennifer (1990) Video Takes the Stand.

Temkin, Jennifer (1990) Look more closely at video.

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Book Section

Krahe, Barbara and Temkin, Jennifer (2009) Addressing the Attitude Problem in Rape Trials: Some Proposals and Methodological Considerations. In: Horvath, Miranda and Brown, Jennifer (eds.) Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking. Willan Publishing. ISBN 9781843925194

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Temkin, Jennifer (2000) Literature review of research into rape & sexual assault: a report commissioned by research, development and statistics directorate of the Home Office for the review of sexual offences. In: Setting the boundaries: reforming the law on sex offences. Home Office Communication Directorate, London, pp. 80-124.

Temkin, Jennifer (1994) Women, rape and law reform. In: Evans, M (ed.) The Woman Question. Sage Publications, London, pp. 276-303. ISBN 9780803987470

Temkin, Jennifer (1979) Family law. In: Zander, M (ed.) Pear's Encyclopaedia of the Law. Pear's, pp. 71-91.

Reports and working papers

Kelly, Liz, Temkin, Jennifer and Griffiths, Sue (2006) Section 41: An Evaluation Of New Legislation Limiting Sexual History Evidence In Rape Trials. Unset. Home Office.

Conference or Workshop Item

Temkin, Jennifer (2010) Attitudinal issues in the processing of rape cases. In: Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference., 22nd-25th June 2010.., University of Kent..

Temkin, Jennifer (2009) Attitudes and the 'justice gap': the perennial challenge of effective change. In: Women and girls and the justice system, 3 November 2009, Canadian National Judicial Institute, Ottawa.

Temkin, Jennifer (2009) Sexual offences and the law. In: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Conference, May 2009.

Temkin, Jennifer (2009) Hate crime: a problem for the criminal justice system. In: Unset.

Temkin, Jennifer (2008) The Problem of Attitude in Rape Cases. In: Sexual Offences and Criminal Justice: Challenging Myths, Supporting Victims, Unversity of the West of England.

Temkin, Jennifer (2008) The problem of attitude in rape cases. In: Sexual Offences and Criminal Justice: Challenging Myths, Supporting Victims, 9 September 2008., Unversity of the West of England, Bristol..

Temkin, Jennifer (2008) Rape myth and its practical implications. In: Royal Society of Medicine Conference: Sex and Abuse, Royal Society of Medicine, London.

Temkin, Jennifer (2007) The cross-examination of complainants in sexual assault cases. In: Western Circuit Rape and Serious Sex Offences Conference, March 2007.

Temkin, Jennifer (2007) Prosecuting sexual violence: is the ECHR a help or a hindrance? In: Encountering Human Rights: Gender/Sexuality, Activism and the Promise of Law, 5-6 January 2007, University of Westminster.

Temkin, Jennifer (2006) Sexual Offences and the Law. In: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Conference.

Temkin, Jennifer (2005) Do we need to exercise some control over judicial decision-making in sexual offence trials? In: Royal Society of Medicine Conference: Sex and Abuse: Men and Rape, 28th June, 2005., University of Sussex.

Temkin, Jennifer (2004) Legal responses to sexual violence. In: Criminalising Gendered Violence? Local, National and International Perspectives Conference, Bristol University.

Temkin, Jennifer (2003) Consent and proof. In: International Association of Penal Law Conference, November, 2003., University of Birmingham.

Temkin, Jennifer (2003) Rape and Sexual Assault: What Have We Achieved and Where Do We Go From Here. In: Rights of Women Conference on Violence Against Women.


Temkin, Jennifer and Krahé, Barbara (2008) Sexual Assault and the Justice Gap: A question of attitude. Hart Publishing. ISBN 9781841136707

Temkin, Jennifer (2002) Rape and the legal process. Oxford Monographs on Criminal Law and Justice . Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-876355-0

Edited Book

Temkin, Jennifer (2002) Rape and the legal process (second edition). Oxford monographs on criminal law and justice . Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 9780198763550


Temkin, Jennifer (2008) Evidence submitted to Scottish Parliament on the Sexual Offences Bill. Scottish Parliament.

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