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Ganeri, Jonardon (2011) "Emergentisms, ancient and modern". Mind, 120 (479). pp. 671-703. ISSN 0026-4423

Ganeri, Jonardon (2010) The study of Indian epistemology: questions of method - a reply to Matthew Dasti and Stephen H. Phillips. Philosophy East and West, 60 (4). pp. 541-550. ISSN 00318221

Ganeri, Jonardon (2010) [Review] Jan Westerhoff (2009) Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka: a philosophical introduction. Times Literary Supplement (5584). p. 29. ISSN 0307-661X

Ganeri, Jonardon and Carpenter, Amber (2009) "Can you seek the answer to this question? (Meno in India)". Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 88 (4). pp. 571-594. ISSN 0004-8402

Ganeri, Jonardon (2009) Intellectual India: reason, identity, dissent. New Literary History, 40 (2). pp. 247-263. ISSN 0028-6087

Ganeri, Jonardon (2008) Contextualism in the study of Indian intellectual cultures. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 36 (5-6). pp. 551-562. ISSN 00221791

Ganeri, Jonardon (2007) Epistemology of perception: Gangesa's Tattvacintamani, jewel of reflection on the truth (about epistemology): the perception chapter (Pratyaksa-khanda) transliterated test, translation, and philosophical commentary. Journal of the American Oriental Society, 127 (3). pp. 349-354. ISSN 0003-0279

Ganeri, Jonardon (2004) Indian logic. Handbook of the History of Logic, 1. pp. 309-395. ISSN 1874-5857

Ganeri, Jonardon (2003) Ancient Indian logic as a theory of case-based reasoning. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 31 (1-3). pp. 33-45. ISSN 0022-1791

Ganeri, Jonardon (2001) Argumentation, dialogue and the Kathavatthu. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 29 (4). pp. 485-493. ISSN 0022-1791

Ganeri, Jonardon (1999) Self-intimation, memory and personal identity. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 27 (5). pp. 469-483. ISSN 0022-1791

Ganeri, Jonardon, Noordhof, Paul and Ramachandran, Murali (1996) Counterfactuals and Preemptive Causation. Analysis, 56 (4). pp. 219-225. ISSN 1467-8284

Ganeri, Jonardon (1996) Meaning and reference in classical India. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 24 (1). pp. 1-19. ISSN 0022-1791

Ganeri, Jonardon (1996) Akasa and other names: Accounts of paribhasikiterms in nyaya and vaisesika texts. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 24 (4). pp. 339-362. ISSN 0022-1791

Ganeri, Jonardon (1995) Vyā i and the realist theory of meaning. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 23 (4). pp. 403-428. ISSN 00221791

Ganeri, Jonardon (1990) Dharmakirti on inference and properties. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 18 (3). pp. 237-247. ISSN 00221791

Book Section

Ganeri, Jonardon (2010) "Subjectivity, selfhood, and the use of the word 'I' ". In: Siderits, M, Thompson, E and Zahavi, D (eds.) Self, No Self. Oxford University Press, pp. 176-190. ISBN 9780199593804


Ganeri, Jonardon (2012) The self: naturalism, consciousness, and the first-person stance. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199652365

Ganeri, Jonardon (2012) Identity as reasoned choice : a South Asian perspective on the reach and resources of public and practical reason in shaping individual identities. Continuum, New York, NY. ISBN 9781441196576

Ganeri, Jonardon (2011) The lost age of reason: philosophy in early modern India 1450-1700CE. The Oxford History of Philosophy . Clarendon Press, United Kingdom. ISBN 9780199218745

Edited Book

Ganeri, Prof Jonardon, ed. (2010) Philosophy as Therapeia. Cambridge University Press.

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