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Kane, Daniel (2014) Whimsy, the avant-garde and Rudy Burckhardt’s and Kenneth Koch’s The Apple. World Picture (9). ISSN 1938-1700

Kane, Daniel (2012) 'Nor did I socialise with their people': Patti Smith, rock heroics, and the poetics of sociability. Popular Music, 31 (1). pp. 105-123. ISSN 0261-1430

Kane, Daniel (2011) Richard Hell, 'Genesis : Grasp', and the blank generation: from poetry to punk in New York’s lower east side. Contemporary Literature, 52 (2). pp. 330-369. ISSN 0010-7484

Kane, Daniel (2011) Wholly communion, literary nationalism, and the sorrows of the counterculture. Framework, 52 (1). pp. 102-127. ISSN 0306-7661

Kane, Daniel (2010) [Review] Tyrus Miller (2009) Singular examples: artistic politics and the neo-avant-garde. Textual Practice, 24 (1). pp. 189-192. ISSN 0950-236X

Schlegel, Mark von and Kane, Daniel (2009) Interview discussion on the theme 'A rather large weapon'. The Happy Hypocrite (4). pp. 6-11. ISSN 1755-473X

Kane, Daniel (2008) "Not to Creation or Destruction but to Truth": Robert Duncan, Kenneth Anger, and the conversation between film and poetry. Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 50 (1). pp. 34-57. ISSN 0040-4691

Kane, Daniel (2008) [Review] Andrew DuBois (2006) Ashbery's forms of attention. Journal of the Midwest Modern Langugae Association, 41 (1). ISSN 0742-5562

Kane, Daniel (2007) Reading John Ashbery's 'The Tennis Court Oath' through Man Ray's eye. Textual Practice, 21 (3). pp. 551-575. ISSN 1470-1308

Kane, Daniel (2007) John Asbery's "A White Paper". pp. 203-06.

Kane, Daniel (2006) The transformative sacrament of homosexual sex: Kenneth Anger's 'Fireworks', Robert Duncan's 'The torso', and the enactment of ritual. Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, 32-33. pp. 18-26. ISSN 0898-8684

Kane, Daniel (2004) "Fanny Howe". PN Review, 30 (5). ISSN 0144-7076

Kane, Daniel (2004) Angel Hair magazine, the second-generation New York school, and the poetics of sociability. Contemporary Literature, 45 (2). pp. 331-367. ISSN 0010-7484

Kane, Daniel (2001) The vertue of spectacle in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate, 10 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 0939-5482

Kane, Daniel (1999) Sex, politics and poetry: a look at the history of 'Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts'. Arshile, 11. pp. 106-107.

Kane, Daniel (1996) Teaching poetry at the in-patient psychiatric unit. The New York Press. pp. 30-31.

Book Section

Kane, Daniel (2013) 'I just got different theories': Patti Smith and the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church. In: Dewey, Anne and Rifkin, Libby (eds.) Among Friends: Engendering the Social Site of Poetry. Iowa University Press, Iowa City, pp. 43-64. ISBN 9781609381509

Kane, Daniel (2010) Frank O'Hara, Alfred Leslie and the making of the last clean shirt. In: Hampson, Robert and Montgomery, Will (eds.) Frank O'Hara now: new essays on the New York poet. Liverpool University Press, pp. 163-177. ISBN 9781846312335

Kane, Daniel (2010) From poetry to punk in the East Village. In: Patell, Cyrus R K and Waterman, Bryan (eds.) The Cambridge companion to the literature of New York. Cambridge Companions to Literature . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge & New York, pp. 189-201. ISBN 9780521735551

Kane, Daniel (2006) Twentieth-century American poetry. In: Temperley, Howard and Bigsby, Christopher (eds.) A new introduction to American Studies. Longman, Harlow, pp. 240-272. ISBN 9780582894372

Kane, Daniel (2005) "John Asbery's 'Flow Chart'". In: Kimmelman, B (ed.) Unset Facts on File, pp. 166-167. ISBN 9780816062249

Kane, Daniel (2005) The Berrigan and Ron Padgett's Bean Spasms. In: Diggory, Terence (ed.) Encyclopedia of the New York School Poets. Facts of File, New York. ISBN 9780816057436

Kane, Daniel (2005) Ron Padgett. In: Kimmelman, Burt (ed.) The Facts on File Companion to 20th-Century American Poetry. Facts on File, pp. 367-368. ISBN 9780816046980

Kane, Daniel (2005) Ted Berrigan's 'The Sonnets'. In: Kimmelman, Burt (ed.) The Facts on File companion to 20th-century American poetry. Facts on File, New York, p. 468. ISBN 9780816062249

Kane, Daniel (2001) Book was there: teaching Gertrude Stein. In: Lenhart, Gary and Edgar, Christopher (eds.) The teachers & writers guide to classic American literature. Teachers & Writers Collaborative, pp. 153-162. ISBN 9780915924714

Kane, Daniel (2001) Gertrude Stein's 'Tender Buttons'. In: Haralson, Eric L (ed.) Encyclopedia of American poetry: twentieth century. Routledge, pp. 690-691. ISBN 9781579582401

Kane, Daniel (2001) John Ashbery's 'Clepsydra'. In: Haralson, Eric L (ed.) Encyclopedia of American poetry: the twentieth century. Routledge, pp. 26-27. ISBN 9781579582401

Kane, Daniel (1999) Richard Howard. In: Shatzky, Joel and Taub, Michael (eds.) Contemporary Jewish-American dramatists and poets: a bio-critical sourcebook. Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn, pp. 306-311. ISBN 9780313294617

Conference or Workshop Item

Kane, Daniel (2010) The new realism: how Ashbery sees surrealist and 'new American' film. In: John Ashbery in Paris - International Conference, March 11-13th, 2010, Institut d'Etudes Anglophones, Universite Paris.

Kane, Daniel (2010) Ephemerality, the canon, and the new American poetry. In: The New American Poetry: 50th Anniversary Conference, October 23, 2010, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.

Kane, Daniel (2010) "I Just Got Different Theories": Patti Smith, Poetry, and the Problems of Friendship. In: Women's Innovative Poetry & Cross-Genre Work Conference 14-16 July 2010, University of Greenwich, London.

Kane, Daniel (2010) Richard Hell, Genesis: grasp, and the move from poetry to punk. In: American Literature Research Seminar, University of Cambridge, Faculty of English.

Kane, Daniel (2009) Frank O'Hara in the New American Cinema. In: 20th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association, 21 - 24 May 2009, Boston, USA.

Kane, Daniel (2009) Seeing and reading the New York School: ostensibly John Ashbery and Rudy Burckhardt. In: The American Scene: Prints from Hopper to Pollock, 28 May 2009, The Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street, Brighton & Hove.


Kane, Daniel (2017) Do you have a band? Poetry and punk rock in New York city. Columbia University Press, New York City. ISBN 9780231162975

Kane, Daniel (2009) We saw the light : conversations between the new American cinema and poetry. Contemporary North American poetry series. . University of Iowa Press, Iowa City. ISBN 9781587297885

Kane, Daniel (2008) Ostentation of peacocks. Egg Box. ISBN 9780954392093

Kane, Daniel (2003) All poets welcome: the lower east side poetry scene in the 1960s. University of California Press, Berkeley. ISBN 9780520233850

Kane, Daniel (2003) What is poetry: conversations with the American avant-garde. Teachers & Writers, New York. ISBN 9780915924646

Edited Book

Kane, Dr Daniel, ed. (2006) Don't Ever Get Famous: Essays on New York Writing After the New York School. Dalkey Archive Press; First edition. ISBN 9781564784605


Kane, Daniel (2009) Cool Men in a Golden Age. [Image]

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