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Pretty, Jules, Benton, Tim G, Bharucha, Zareen Pervez, Dicks, Lynn V, Flora, Cornelia Butler, Godfray, H Charles J, Goulson, Dave, Hartley, Susan, Lampkin, Nic, Morris, Carol, Pierzynski, Gary, Prasad, P V Vara, Reganold, John, Rockstrom, Johan, Smith, Pete, Thorne, Peter and Wratten, Steve (2018) Global assessment of agricultural system redesign for sustainable intensification. Nature Sustainability, 1 (8). pp. 441-446. ISSN 2398-9629

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Book Section

Ewald, Naomi, Hartley, Sue and Stewart, Alan (2010) A pooled history of temporary pond research in the New Forest. In: Newton, Adrian C (ed.) Biodiversity in the New Forest. Newbury Pisces Publications. ISBN 9781874357421

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