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Haakonssen, Knud (2011) [Obituary] Robert Brown (1920-2010). Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 89 (1). pp. 189-190. ISSN 0004-8402

Haakonssen, Knud (2009) La estructura de la teoría política de Hume [The structure of political theory in Hume]. Anuario Filosófico, 42 (1). pp. 91-136. ISSN 0066-5215

Haakonssen, Knud and Whatmore, Richard (2008) Commerce and Enlightenment. Intellectual History Review, 18 (2). pp. 283-303. ISSN 1749-6977

Haakonssen, Knud (2002) [Review] Richard Tuck (1999) The rights of war and peace: political thought and international order from Grotius to Kant. Mind, 111 (442). pp. 499-502. ISSN 0026-4423

Haakonssen, Knud (2002) [Review] Isabel Rivers (2000) Reason, grace, and sentiment: a study of the language of religion and ethics in England, 1660-1780, vol 2: Shaftesbury to Hume. History of Political Thought, 23 (4). pp. 719-722. ISSN 0143-781X

Haakonssen, Knud (2001) Pufendorf's prudence. TLS: Times Literary Supplement (5150). p. 28. ISSN 0307-661X

Haakonssen, Knud (1988) Moral philosophy and natural law: from the Cambridge Platonists to the Scottish Enlightenment. Political Science, 40 (1). pp. 97-110. ISSN 0032-3187

Haakonssen, Knud (1985) James Mill and Scottish moral philosophy. Political Studies, 33 (4). pp. 628-641. ISSN 0032-3217

Haakonssen, Knud (1985) Hugo Grotius and the history of political thought. Political Theory, 13 (2). pp. 239-265. ISSN 0090-5917

Haakonssen, Knud (1984) The science of a legislator in James Mackintosh's moral philosophy. History of Political Thought, 5 (2). pp. 245-280. ISSN 0143-781X

Book Section

Haakonssen, Knud (2013) Natural rights or political prudence? Toleration in Francis Hutcheson. In: Parkin, Jon and Stanton, Timothy (eds.) Natural law and toleration in the early enlightenment. Proceedings of the British Academy, 186 . Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Haakonssen, Knud (2012) Natural jurisprudence and the identity of the Scottish Enlightenment. In: Savage, Ruth (ed.) Philosophy and religion in enlightenment Britain: new case studies. Oxford University Press, pp. 258-278. ISBN 9780199227044

Haakonssen, Knud (2010) Early modern natural law. In: Skorupski, John (ed.) The Routledge companion to ethics. Routledge philosophy companions . Routledge, pp. 76-87. ISBN 9780415413626

Haakonssen, Knud (2006) German natural law. In: Goldie, Mark and Wokler, Robert (eds.) The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thought. The Cambridge history of political thought . Cambridge University Press, pp. 251-290. ISBN 9780521374224

Haakonssen, Knud (2006) Introduction: the coherence of Smith's thought. In: The Cambridge companion to Adam Smith. Cambridge companions to philosophy . Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-21. ISBN 9780521770590

Haakonssen, Knud (2006) The history of eighteenth-century philosophy: history or philosophy? In: Haakonssen, Knud (ed.) The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century philosophy. 2 volume hardback boxed set, 1 . Cambridge University Press, pp. 3-25. ISBN 9780521418546

Haakonssen, Knud and Winch, Donald (2006) The Legacy of Adam Smith. In: Haakonssen, Knud (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith. Cambridge University Press, pp. 366-394. ISBN 0-521-77059-9

Haakonssen, Knud (2005) Academic teaching, social morality, and the science of morals in eighteenth-century Britain. In: Byrd, Sharon B and Joerden, Jan C (eds.) Philosophia practica universalis. Festschrift für Joachim Hruschka zum 70. Geburtstag. Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik / Annual Review of Law and Ethics (13). Duncker & Humblot. ISBN 9783428119516

Haakonssen, Knud (2004) Protestant natural law theory: A general interpretation. In: Brender, Natalie and Krasnoff, Larry (eds.) New essays on the history of autonomy: A collection honoring J B Schneewind. Cambridge University Press, pp. 92-109. ISBN 9780521828352

Haakonssen, Knud (2004) The idea of early-modern philosophy. In: Schneewind, J B (ed.) Teaching new histories of philosophy. University Center for Human Values Princeton. ISBN 9780976372608

Haakonssen, Knud (2003) Adam Smith and civil society. In: Hum, Derek (ed.) Faith, reason, and economics. Essays in honour of Anthony Waterman. St John's College Press, University of Manitoba. ISBN 9780920291252

Haakonssen, Knud (2003) Natural jurisprudence and the theory of justice. In: Broadie, Alexander (ed.) The Cambridge companion to the Scottish enlightenment. Cambridge Companions to Philosophy . Cambridge University Press, pp. 205-221. ISBN 9780521802734

Haakonssen, Knud (2002) The moral conservatism of natural rights. In: Hunter, Ian and Saunders, David (eds.) Natural law and civil sovereignty: moral right and state authority in early modern political thought. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 27-42. ISBN 9780333964590

Conference or Workshop Item

Haakonssen, Knud (2010) Natural law and personhood: Samuel Pufendorf on social explanation. In: Max Weber Lecture (17/02/2010), 17th February, European University Institute, Italy.

Haakonssen, Knud (1989) Natural jurisprudence in the Scottish enlightenment - summary of an interpretation. In: 14th world congress in philosophy of law and social philosophy - enlightenment, rights and revolution: essays in legal and social philosophy (pre-prints), Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Haakonssen, Knud (2010) Enlightenments and religions / Diaphōtismoi kai thrēskeies. 14th C. Th. Dimaras Lecture . Institute for Neohellenic Research. ISBN 9789607916952

Haakonssen, Knud (1996) Natural law and moral philosophy: From Grotius to the Scottish Enlightenment. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521498029

Haakonssen, Knud (1989) The science of a legislator: the natural jurisprudence of David Hume and Adam Smith. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521376259

Edited Book

Haakonssen, Knud and Whatmore, Richard, eds. (2013) David Hume. International library of essays in the history of social and political thought . Ashgate, Farnham. ISBN 9780754627166

Unset (2010) Thomas Reid's essays on the active powers of man. The Edinburgh edition of Thomas Reid . Penn State University Press. ISBN 9780271037899

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2008) Northern Antiquities and National Identities. Perceptions of Denmark and the North in the Eighteenth Century. Proceedings of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters . Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. ISBN 978-8773043349

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2007) Thomas Reid on Practical Ethics. Edinburgh Edition of Thomas Reid Series . Edinburgh University Press Ltd.. ISBN 978-0-271-03229-0

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2006) The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy. The Cambridge History of Philosophy . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521418546

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2006) The Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith. Cambridge Companions to Philosophy . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-77059-9

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2006) The Edinburgh Edition of Thomas Reid. The Edinburgh Edition of Thomas Reid . Edinburgh University Press.

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2006) Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics. Liberty Press.

Unset (2002) Thomas Reid: essays on the intellectual powers of man - a critical edition. The Edinburgh edition of Thomas Reid . Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9780748611898

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (2002) Adam Smith: The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-59150-3

Unset (2002) Index to the works of Adam Smith. The Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith . Liberty Fund Inc. ISBN 9780865973886

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (1996) Enlightenment and Religion: Rational Dissent in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Ideas in Context . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-56060-8

Haakonssen, Prof Knud, ed. (1994) David Hume: Political esssays. Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-46639-3

Unset (1992) A culture of rights: the Bill of Rights in philosophy, politics and law 1791 and 1991. Woodrow Wilson Center Press . Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521446532

Unset (1992) Thomas Reid: Practical ethics. Princeton University Press. ISBN 9780691073507

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