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Andreasen, Kristian Peter and Sovacool, Benjamin K (2014) Energy sustainability, stakeholder conflicts, and the future of hydrogen in Denmark. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 39. pp. 891-897. ISSN 1364-0321

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Ely, Adrian (2014) GM Nation or GM Planet? How to involve citizens in decisions about transgenic crops. STEPS Centre Blog.

Ely, Adrian (2014) More than just a "clean energy race"? BRICS investment and innovation could lead the way on green transformation. STEPS Centre Blog.

Ely, Adrian (2014) Power and economies of scale are colour-blind. Green Economy Coalition [weblog article, June 2014].

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Johnstone, Philip (2014) European Commission critique of UK nuclear strategy – the potential for a Hinkley-shaped hole in UK energy infrastructure. Sussex Energy Group at SPRU [weblog article, 11 February 2014].

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Johnstone, Philip (2014) Scottish independence debate shifts to energy issues, (again). Sussex Energy Group at SPRU [weblog article, 10 March 2014].

Johnstone, Philip (2014) Will we ever be cooking Christmas turkeys from Hinkley C? Sussex Energy Group at SPRU [weblog article, November 20, 2014].

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Book Section

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