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Andrews, Emily A, Palecek, Jan, Sergeant, John, Taylor, Elaine, Lehmann, Alan R and Watts, Felicity Z (2005) Nse2, a component of the Smc5-6 complex, is a SUMO ligase required for the response to DNA damage. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25 (1). pp. 185-196. ISSN 0270-7306

Boisvert, François-Michel, Rhie, Alexandre, Richard, Stéphane and Doherty, Aidan J (2005) The GAR motif of 53BP1 is a target for PRMT1 methylation and directs chromatin localisation in response to DNA damage. Cell Cycle, 4 (12). pp. 1834-1841. ISSN 1538-4101

Cabuy, E, Newton, C, Joksic, G, Woodbine, L, Koller, B, Jeggo, P A and Slijepcevic, P (2005) Accelerated telomere shortening and telomere abnormalities in radiosensitive cell lines. Radiation Research, 164 (1). pp. 53-62. ISSN 0033-7587

Chavali, Gayatri B, Ekblad, Caroline M S, Basu, Balaka P, Brissett, Nigel C, Veprintsev, Dmitry, Hughes-Davies, Luke, Kouzarides, Tony, Itzhaki, Laura S and Doherty, Aidan J (2005) Crystal structure of the ENT domain of human EMSY. Journal of Molecular Biology, 350 (5). pp. 964-973. ISSN 0022-2836

Ekblad, Caroline M S, Chavali, Gayatri B, Basu, Balaka P, Freund, Stefan M V, Veprintsev, Dmitry, Hughes-Davies, Luke, Kouzarides, Tony, Doherty, Aidan J and Itzhaki, Laura S (2005) Binding of EMSY to HP1beta: implications for recruitment of HP1beta and BS69. EMBO Reports, 6 (7). pp. 675-680. ISSN 1469-221X

El-Khamisy, Sherif F, Saifi, Gulam M, Weinfeld, Michael, Johansson, Fredrik, Helleday, Thomas, Lupski, James R and Caldecott, Keith W (2005) Defective DNA single-strand break repair and spinocerebellar ataxia with axonal neuropathy-1. Nature, 434. pp. 108-113. ISSN 0306-4522

El-Khamisy, Sherif F, Saifi, Gulam M, Weinfeld, Michael, Johansson, Fredrik, Helleday, Thomas, Lupski, James R and Caldecott, Keith W (2005) Defective DNA single-strand break repair in spinocerebellar ataxia with axonal neuropathy-1. Nature, 434. pp. 108-113. ISSN 0028-0836

Gissen, Paul, Johnson, Colin A, Gentle, Dean, Hurst, Laurence D, Doherty, Aidan J, O'Kane, Cahir J, Kelly, Deirdre A and Maher, Eamonn R (2005) Comparative evolutionary analysis of VPS33 homologues: genetic and functional insight. Human Molecular Genetics, 14 (10). pp. 1261-1270. ISSN 0964-6906

Glockling, Sally and Holbrook, G.P (2005) Endoparasites of soil nematodes and rotifers II: The genus Haptocillium. Mycologist, 19 (1). pp. 2-9. ISSN 0269-915X

Harvey, Anne C, Jackson, Stephen P and Downs, Jessica A (2005) Saccharomyces cerevisiae histone H2A Ser122 facilitates DNA repair. Genetics, 170. pp. 543-553. ISSN 0016-6731

Hentges, Pierre, Van Driessche, Benoit, Tafforeau, Lionel, Vandenhaute, Jean and Carr, Antony M (2005) Three novel antibiotic marker cassettes for gene disruption and marker switching in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Yeast, 22 (13). pp. 1013-1019. ISSN 0749-503x

Hoffmann, Eva R and Borts, Rhona H (2005) Trans Events Associated with Crossovers Are Revealed in the Absence of Mismatch Repair Genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics, 169. pp. 1305-1310. ISSN 0016-6731

Hoffmann, Eva R, Eriksson, Emma, Herbert, Benjamin J and Borts, Rhona H (2005) MLH1 and MSH2 promote the symmetry of double-strand break repair events at the HIS4 hotspot in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics, 169. pp. 1291-1303. ISSN 0016-6731

Holmberg, Christian, Fleck, Oliver, Hansen, Heidi A, Liu, Cong, Slaaby, Rita, Carr, Antony M and Nielsen, Olaf (2005) Ddb1 controls genome stability and meiosis in fission yeast. Genes and Development, 19 (7). pp. 853-862. ISSN 0890-9369

Jeggo, P A and Lobrich, M (2005) Artemis links ATM to double strand breaking rejoining. Cell Cycle, 4(3). pp. 359-362. ISSN 1551-4005

Jeggo, Penny A and Löbrich, Markus (2005) Harmonising the response to DSBs: a new string in the ATM bow. DNA Repair, 4(7). pp. 749-759. ISSN 1568-7864

Kysela, Boris, Chovanec, Miroslav and Jeggo, Penny A (2005) Phosphorylation of linker histones by DNA-dependent protein kinase is required for DNA ligase IV-dependent ligation i the presence of histone H1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102 (6). pp. 1877-1882. ISSN 1091-6490

Lambert, Sarah, Watson, Adam, Sheedy, Daniel M, Martin, Ben and Carr, Antony M (2005) Gross Chromosomal Rearrangements and Elevated Recombination at an Inducible Site Specific Replication Fork Barrier. Cell, 121 (5). pp. 689-702. ISSN 0092-8674

Lehmann, Alan R (2005) Replication of damaged DNA by translesion synthesis in human cells. FEBS Letters, 579 (4). pp. 873-876. ISSN 00145793

Lehmann, Alan R, Friedberg, Errol C and Fuchs, Robert P P (2005) Trading Places: How Do DNA Polymerases Switch during Translesion DNA Synthesis? Molecular Cell, 18 (5). pp. 499-505. ISSN 1097-2765

Liu, Cong, Poitelea, Marius, Watson, Adam, Yoshida, Shu-Hei, Shimoda, Chikashi, Holmberg, Christian, Nielsen, Olaf and Carr, Antony M (2005) Transactivation of Schizosaccharomyces pombe cdt2+ stimulates a Pcu4-Ddb1-CSN ubiquitin ligase. EMBO Journal, 24 (22). pp. 3940-3951. ISSN 0261-4189

Löbrich, Markus and Jeggo, Penny A (2005) The two edges of the ATM sword: Co-operation between repair and checkpoint functions. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 76 (2). pp. 112-118. ISSN 0167-8140

McNeish, I A, Lopes, R, Bell, S J, McKay, T R, Fernandez, M, Lockley, M, Wheatley, S P and Lemoine, N R (2005) Survivin interacts with Smac/DIABLO in ovarian carcinoma cells, but is redundant in Smac-mediated apoptosis. Experimental Cell Research, 302 (1). pp. 69-82.

Morishita, Takashi, Furukawa, Fumiko, Sakaguchi, Chikako, Toda, Takashi, Carr, Antony M, Iwasaki, Hiroshi and Shinagawa, Hideo (2005) Role of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe F-box DNA helicase in processing recombination intermediates. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25 (18). pp. 8074-8083. ISSN 0270-7306

Neale, Matthew J, Pan, Jing and Keeney, Scott (2005) Endonucleolytic processing of covalent protein-linked DNA double-strand breaks. Nature, 436. pp. 1053-1057. ISSN 0028-0836

Nojima, Kuniharu, Hochegger, Helfrid, Saberi, Alihossein, Fukushima, Toru, Kikuchi, Koji, Yoshimura, Michio, Oreilli, Brian J, Bishop, Douglas K, Hirano, Seiki, Ohzeki, Mioko, Ishiai, Masamichi, Yamamoto, Kazuhiko, Takata, Minoru, Arakawa, Kiroshi, Buerstedde, Jean-Marie, Yamazoe, Mitsuyoshi, Kawamoto, Takuo, Araki, Kasumi, Takahashi, Jun A, Hashimoto, Nobuo, Takeda, Shunichi and Sonoda, Eiichiro (2005) Multiple repair pathways mediate tolerance to chemotherapeutic cross-linking agents in vertebrate cells. Cancer Research, 65 (24). pp. 11704-11711. ISSN 0008-5472

Oliver, Antony W, Jones, Sarah A, Roe, Stephen Mark, Matthews, Steve, Goodwin, Graham H and Pearl, Laurence H (2005) Crystal structure of the proximal BAH domain of the polybromo protein. Biochemical Journal, 389 (3). pp. 657-664. ISSN 0264-6021

Pitcher, Robert S, Tonkin, Louise M, Green, Andrew J and Doherty, Aidan J (2005) Domain structure of a NHEJ DNA repair ligase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Molecular Biology, 351 (3). pp. 531-544. ISSN 1551-4005

Pitcher, Robert S, Wilson, Thomas E and Doherty, Aidan J (2005) New insights into NHEJ repair processes in prokaryotes. Cell Cycle, 4 (5). pp. 675-678. ISSN 1551-4005

Sergeant, John, Taylor, Elaine, Palecek, Jan, Fousteri, Maria, Andrews, Emily, Sweeney, Sara, Shinagawa, Hideo, Watts, Felicity and Lehmann, Alan (2005) Composition and Architecture of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe Rad18 (Smc5-6) Complex. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25 (1). pp. 172-184. ISSN 0270-7306

Sheedy, Daniel M, Dimitrova, Dora, Rankin, Jessica K, Bass, Kirstin L, Lee, Karen M, Tapia-Alveal, Claudia, Harvey, Susan H, Murray, Johanne and O'Connell, Matthew J (2005) Brc1-mediated DNA repair and damage tolerance. Genetics, 171 (2). pp. 457-468. ISSN 0016-6731

Shin, Jin, Choi, Eun Shik, Kim, Hyun Soo, Ho, J C, Watts, Felicity Z, Park, Sang D and Jang, Yeun Kyu (2005) SUMO modification is involved in the maintenance of heterochromatin stability in fission yeast. Molecular Cell, 19 (6). pp. 817-828. ISSN 1097-2765

Spink, K, Ho, J C, Tanaka, K, Watts, Felicity and Chambers, Anna (2005) The telomere-binding protein Taz1p as a target for modification by a SUMO-1 homologue in fission yeast. Biochemical Genetics, 43 (3-4). pp. 103-17. ISSN 0006-2928

Stiff, Thomas, Reis, Caroline, Alderton, Gemma K, Woodbine, Lisa, O'Driscoll, Mark and Jeggo, Penny A (2005) Nbs1 is required for ATR-dependent phosphorylation events. EMBO Journal, 24 (1). pp. 199-208. ISSN 0261-4189

Van Driessche, Benoit, Tafforeau, Lionel, Hentges, Pierre, Carr, Antony M and Vandenhaute, Jean (2005) Additional vectors for PCR-based gene tagging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe using nourseothricin resistance. Yeast, 22 (13). pp. 1061-1068. ISSN 0749-503X

Wheatley, Sally P and McNeish, Iain A (2005) Survivin: a protein with dual roles in mitosis and apoptosis. International Review of Cytology, 247. pp. 35-88. ISSN 0074-7696

Zhou, Lihong and Watts, Felicity (2005) Nep1, a Schizosaccharomyces pombe deneddylating enzyme. Biochemical Journal, 389 (Pt 2). pp. 307-314. ISSN 0264-6021

Book Section

Green, Catherine M and Lehmann, Alan R (2005) Translesion Synthesis And Error-prone Polymerases. In: Nigg, Erich A. (ed.) Genome Instability in Cancer Development. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 570 . Springer Netherlands, pp. 199-223. ISBN 978-1-4020-3764-1

Jeggo, Penny (2005) Genomic Instability in cancer development. In: Nigg, Erich A (ed.) Genome Instability in Cancer Development. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 570 . Springer, Netherlands, pp. 175-197. ISBN 9781402037634

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